Recapping the Sooner Draft

NORMAN, Okla. -- It may not have been the most historic NFL Draft ever in OU history, but the Sooners certainly made their mark once again in 2011 this weekend, as four former players were selected this year, and Sooners Illustrated breaks it all down now.

Selection: Running back DeMarco Murray
Round: 3rd
Overall Pick: 71st
Team: Dallas Cowboys
Quotable: "It's crazy. You know, we never expected this, and, you know, since I've been growing up they've always been talking about, ‘Hey, one day you're going to play for the Cowboys.' I'm like, ‘Yeah,' kinda just shrugging it off. But now it's a reality, and it's real, and, you know, everybody was excited for me and definitely, you know, just blessed."--Murray
Timing in Relation to Draft Projections: Right on. Most experts predicted Murray to be selected sometime in the third round.
Impact: His arrival could spell the end for running back Marion Barber, who seems to be on his way out, and gives the Cowboys a solid third down option.
Historical View: Murray was the 347th all-time OU player drafted, 49th in the Bob Stoops era, 40th ever running back and the 10th Sooner to become a Cowboy.

Selection: Free safety Quinton Carter
Round: 4th
Overall Pick: 108th
Team: Denver Broncos
Quotable: "Thank you to everyone for your support n well wishes!!! I'm very thankful for the new opportunities!"--Carter
"Quinton Carter is a big, strong safety who we had rated very high on our draft board. Happy that he fell to us and is a Bronco."--John Elway
Timing in Relation to Draft Projections: Late. Most experts had him pegged as a late second rounder or early third round selection.
Impact: His arrival brings another sense of talented youth to the Broncos' secondary to learn under veteran Brian Dawkins.
Historical View: Carter was the 348th all-time OU player drafted, 50th in the Stoops era, 45th ever defensive back and the fifth Sooner to go to Denver.

Selection: Defensive back Jonathan Nelson
Round: 7th
Overall Pick: 229th
Team: St. Louis Rams
Quotable: "I got drafted! God is too good. St. Louis Rams!"--Nelson
Timing in Relation to Draft Projections: Early. Many draft experts had Nelson as undrafted.
Impact: He solidifies a defensive movement the Rams made late in the draft and also reunites with former teammate Sam Bradford.
Historical View: Nelson was the 349th all-time OU player drafted, 51st in the Stoops era, 46th ever defensive back and the 26th Sooner to head to St. Louis.

Selection: Defensive end/outside linebacker Jeremy Beal
Round: 7th
Overall Pick: 247th
Team: Denver Broncos
Quotable: "Excited to add Jeremy Beal to our team. He's a playmaker who was one of the most productive defensive ends in the draft."--Elway
Timing in Relation to Draft Projections: Late. Most experts had Beal projected somewhere in the middle stages of the draft, in the fourth or fifth round.
Impact: His arrival provides the Broncos with a fearless athlete who has a great work ethic and tremendous ability to get to the quarterback.
Historical View: Beal was the 350th all-time OU player drafted, 52nd in the Stoops era, 15th ever defensive end and the seventh Sooner to head to Denver.

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