Harlow Did His Research Before Committing

Sooners Illustrated caught up with Oklahoma's newest commitment, Laith Harlow, Scout.com three-star tight end out of Amos P. Godby HS in Tallahassee (FL). Harlow brought the Sooners 2012 class up to a total of six with his commitment. Check inside to see what Harlow had to say.

It didn't take newly hired offensive tackle and tight ends coach, Bruce Kittle long to get his first commitment of his career for the Sooners. Harlow was Kittle's first offer at the tight end position and he played a major part in Harlow's decision.

"I have a really good relationship with Coach Kittle so that was a big part of it I mean he is going to be my coach for the next few years," Harlow explained. "He's already like my father in a way you know. He seems like a person who can help me get better and go to the next level. And he also seems like a person who when I have problems I can cope with him. That is a major plus."

From the moment Coach Kittle and the Sooners started to talk with Harlow the Sooners were at the top of his list even though he couldn't give it away.

"I mean I have been thinking about Oklahoma since they have been talking to me," Harlow began. "They have been really high on my list the whole time. And when I told an analyst that I was wide open or I was thinking but I couldn't say anything I always knew that Oklahoma was at the top of my list. Them and Alabama always were. It just really came down to those two."

The 6-foot-5 and 240-pound three-star tight end did some damage last year on the grid iron and quite a bit of it was done in the blocking game. Harlow's blocking on the season graded out at 83-percent. He also averaged 23-yards per catch and had over 40-pancake blocks on the season, which lead his team.

Other than Oklahoma and Alabama, schools like Illinois, Louisville, Ole Miss, Ohio State and Oregon were a few others that offered.

Harlow's commitment was a surprise to some due to the fact that he's never been to Norman. However, Harlow did plenty of research to know what Norman brings to the table and that was enough for him to pull the trigger.

"I haven't been out to Oklahoma and I know people say that is a big scare or whatever but it's not because I have looked at everything. I have looked up enough about Oklahoma to know that basically I have been in the town the whole time. I know that Oklahoma City is 20.8 miles away like in that much detail from Norman and that there is a 110,000 people in Norman (OK). I did my research I'm not going to just commit on a whim."

One thing that definitely has Harlow's blood pumping about being a Sooner is the chance to play in the annual Bedlam game against Oklahoma State.

"Ya'll have a game called Bedlam against Oklahoma State which means there has got to be some chaos going on in that stadium at that time. And that's what I want. I want somewhere that I can go where the fans are just as crazy about football as the players and the coaches. That's my dream," Harlow stated.

Harlow's father attended Florida State and was just glad that his son is anything but a Gator.

"He went to Florida State," Harlow began about his father. "He thinks one thing, it's not the Gators. He was like ‘Oh I can be an Oklahoma fan. I don't care about them. I can be a bigger Oklahoma fan but just can't be a Gator.' It's all jokes. He wants me to do what's best for me in the end."

When Harlow gets to Norman in the summer of 2012 he is not worried about how the Sooners and Coach Kittle will use him. All he is worried about is helping the Sooners win however he can.

"He said he feels like he can use me in any way," Harlow said about Coach Kittle. "I can be a guy who is down with my fingers in the dirt or I can be a guy who is on the side or in the backfield. It doesn't matter and I'm the same way. I'm not slow, I'm versatile and agile. I'll get out there and get the ball. It doesn't matter to me I can do it wherever whenever. However I can help my team win I'm going to do it to my fullest ability."

Harlow said that the Coach Kittle is hoping Harlow and his family can get to Norman by June 9th to meet all the players but if he can't then he still plans to get to Norman sometime after that.

--Joey Helmer--

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