Smith excited about future in Baltimore

Oklahoma tight end Trent Smith talks about his thoughts on being drafted in the seventh round by the Baltimore Ravens

Oklahoma tight end Trent Smith was drafted today in the seventh round by the Baltimore Ravens. Earlier this evening I had a chance to talk to Smith, who expected to go much earlier in the draft.

JH: Congratulations on getting drafted by Baltimore in the seventh round?

TS: "Thanks James, I am very excited about it."

JH: Does it matter that you didn't go in the the draft until the seventh round?

TS: "Yeah, I care, but it doesn't really matter. You still have to go there and prove yourself. I am confident that I can do that, no problem. It is disappointing, because people will tell you all along, even coaches on NFL teams, that they think you are going anywhere from the third to the fifth round. Then you go in the seventh and you feel that you have been lied too a little bit. I knew there was a possibility of that happening and that is just kind of how the chips fell today."

JH: What do you think of going to the Ravens — a club where it looks like they have one very good tight end and then there is some room for you to make the club?

TS: "Yeah, I hope you are right. I know they have three tight ends and now I makes four. They have Todd Heap, who is a very good player. I am excited and I think I have a good shot at getting some very good playing time."

JH: What do you think of the Baltimore offense and how your talents will fit into that offense?

TS: "I really don't know much about their offense. I know they have Ozzie Newsome in their front office and Brian Billick was a tight end, if I am not mistaken. That probably bodes well for me, but I really don't know a whole lot about their offense to be honest with you."

JH: What was it like waiting and waiting for your named to be called?

TS: "I was doing my best to act like I wasn't getting nervous about it, but it was pretty excruciating. I will be honest, I am human and when my name didn't get called I was starting to wonder if I was going to have to go get the Daily Oklahoman and look through the want ads. But it turned out all right for me."

JH: Now, what is your game plan to get ready for pro camp?

TS: "I am just going to focus on making that team 100 percent and not worry about anything else. It doesn't really matter what round I was taken in or what happened before — all that matters is what happens from this point on. If you don't work hard nothing will happen good for you, so it is time for me to pick it up even more and work harder than ever. I just have to get up in the morning and get serious about football again. I know I have a mini-camp in two weeks and Nate has one on Thursday."

JH: Who did Nate sign with?

TS: "Immediately after the draft was over Nate accepted a deal with the Cleveland Browns. They made him a hell of a deal and he is going to be alright there. He said it was pretty good for a free agent."

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