Powers Breaks Down Neal

Sooners Illustrated caught up with Greg Powers, Scout.com Midlands Recruiting Manager earlier today to hear what he thought about Durron Neal. Powers broke down what Neal brings to the table and to the Sooner program.

Durron Neal is one of the top ranked wide receivers in the country on Scout.com and for good reason. The 6-foot and 185-pound receiver recently committed to the Sooners so we decided to talk with Powers to see what exactly Neal will be bringing to the table as a Sooner.

Powers broke down Neal's strengths on the football field and said that he can play the slot position as well as on the outside.

"I think he is a powerful guy," Powers began. "He's kind of built comfortably where he can play that slot position at OU where he can use his speed and separation ability to get open underneath. I'm not taking anything away from him and his ability to be an outside receiver. I do think he has the quickness and the strength to get open on corners with similar size and skill sets."

Over the last two seasons Neal racked up 943-yards and 16-touchdowns on just 43-receptions. Neal also lines up at quarterback, running back and even safety.

Another place that Neal can also hurt you on the gridiron is on special teams where he's scored eight-touchdowns in the return game over the last two years.

"He's a pretty versatile guy. I like the fact that he can go back and return some kicks or some punts. And some things for the special teams that makes him an all around type of player. He's one of those guys that you rarely see leave the field. He can do it all," Powers explained.

There have been multiple comparisons tossed around on who Neal reminds people of. Some say he is Jeremy Maclin 2.0 while others say he is like Ryan Broyles. Powers on the other hand has another player he compares Neal to that plays on Sundays.

"Lee Evans," Powers said. "That's who I would kind of compare him too, that's the type of guy I think he is. He's a pretty good route runner. He's well built."

The Sooners have definitely done a good job bringing in wide receiver talent over the last few years and quite a few of them played as freshman. Powers sees Neal on the field as a freshman as well.

"I wouldn't see a reason why you would redshirt a guy like that," Powers stated. "I mean that typically goes against the norm now-a-days. The guys really talented even if you have a loaded depth chart. You usually don't redshirt him. You try to use him as you can because there is a chance that the guy is only going to be there three years. So if you redshirt him there is a good chance you might lose a year on him if he develops the right way. So I think the guys that are really talented who may only contribute on special teams that you go ahead and use them."

So there you have it Sooner fans it definitely sounds like the Sooners have gotten a game changer with Neal.

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