2012 Klein LB has Sooner Ties

Sooners Illustrated caught up with Benjamin Weaver, linebacker out of Klein HS to talk with him about recruiting. Weaver has family ties to Oklahoma and talked about his interest in the Sooner program. Check inside for more.

Klein (TX) is home to Benjamin Weaver, a 2012 linebacker prospect who grew up a Sooner fan. Weaver has family that currently call Norman home as well as family that went to school at Oklahoma in the past.

"My sister goes to school there right now. And my mom went there too. It's been in my family blood," Weaver said about being a Sooner fan all his life.

The 6-foot-1 and 225-pound Weaver says he attended games in Norman growing up and dreamed of playing for the Sooners.

"It's just big time football, it's just incredible," Weaver explained. "Not just their win record but winning against the teams that they do is just unbelievable. Growing up and going to games there and stuff it's just like the want (to play here), I mean you have dreams like man I want to play here someday."

The Sooners showed interest in Weaver early on in the recruiting process but since then have not been highly involved. However, it sounds that the Sooner coaches may still have interest according to Weaver.

"OU is probably the first school that started actually sending me letters and stuff. And then I haven't really heard from them very much," Weaver stated. "A friend of mine went up to the camp and he was telling me when they asked him where he went to school he said that they were really interested in me."

Weaver has done his job to impress programs at the next level and currently holds 15-offers including Boise State, Texas Tech, California, Arizona, Louisville, Wake Forest and Utah to name a few. Last week Weaver traveled all over the state of Texas to attend camps and will be visiting three more schools next week.

"I went to the (Texas) A&M, TCU and (Texas) Tech camps just last week. And I'm about to go visit Boise (State), Cal and (Texas) Tech next week," Weaver said.

Weaver does have a top three which could change depending on other offers that may be headed his way.

"The schools I'm going to visit, Cal, Texas Tech and Boise State are probably my top three. Texas A&M and TCU said that they really like me. The A&M coach I was talking to him the other day and he was telling me that within the next week or so that he will get back to me. It's between me and two other guys I think on who they are going to offer. They would definitely be up in the top three if I were to get an offer from TCU or A&M."

If the Sooners were to decide to get involved with Weaver, the First-Team All District linebacker said he would love to have a Sooner offer.

"I definitely would love one," Weaver said about a Sooner offer. "It depends on if they start talking to me or not. I know they came up to the school one day but I didn't get a chance to talk to them."

Weaver said he would definitely come up for a visit should the Sooners decide to get in contact with him.

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