Give Him a Break

NORMAN, Okla. -- When the news broke out this week that former Sooner star running back Adrian Peterson would miss his own camp, many campers and fans in Sooner Nation alike quickly grew agitated that this sort of thing would happen from this caliber of player and one of such importance in program history. But as it turns out, everyone needs to cut the former Heisman Trophy runner up some slack.

And that's for a number of reasons.

1. Peterson owned up to the mistake--Instead of throwing it under the rug, he publicly came out and spoke about the misunderstanding that led to his absence. And he did it promptly. Many would have taken their time to release something, but as it was, Peterson wasted no time.

"I want to apologize to all the fans about the confusion regarding the camp in Norman," Peterson said in his statement to The Associated Press. "I hosted camps in Palestine and Tyler, Texas, last week that went great. Due to ProCamps' misunderstanding of my schedule, I was never able to host this year's Norman camp on their scheduled dates, but look forward to being back in 2012."

2. He has had a good past reputation of showing up to his camps--Peterson has never missed his OU youth camp before. He has been committed time after time to making these camps and not only that, but attending them for the entire longevity of the event. As mentioned, he was present at both Palestine and Tyler for camps in the previous seven days. Certainly if he could attend those, he wouldn't miss one at his alma mater if he had the choice, would he?

3. It wasn't all his fault--In fact, it might not have been Peterson's fault at all. That's what camp organizer ProCamps Worldwide suggests, anyway. They are taking the entire blame for this incident.

"ProCamps Worldwide would like to correct its previous statement regarding this week's Adrian Peterson Camp in Norman, Oklahoma as well as take full responsibility for the scheduling mishap with this event," the company said in its statement. "We erroneously stated that Adrian's inability to attend the camp results from his involvement with the NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2011.

"In fact, he will be visiting the NFL Network on July 3, 2011. ProCamps has appreciated the opportunity to assist Adrian with his football camp the past three years and due to a breakdown in communication on our end, the camp was scheduled at a time that prevented Adrian from being able to attend."

See, these types of incidents typically happen to guys who aren't as committed to a program as Peterson.

All signs are that this was just a very unfortunate mixup.

Does that make it right that those individuals who paid $199 for their kids to be coached by Peterson were not given that opportunity?


And does that make it right for a mixup as serious as this to happen altogether?


But Sooner Nation, know this: Peterson definitely would have been there had it been planned out right.

So, give him a break.

Cut him some slack.

It won't happen again.

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