Commodores and Sooners on Reid's Mind

After getting the chance to see Ryan Reid in action this past Saturday at the Rockwall 7v7 tournament we caught up with the talented corner prospect for a quick interview. Check inside to see what all he had to say.

Reid and his Sherman 7v7 teammates saw their chance to make it to the Texas 7v7 State Tournament erased on Saturday when they lost a close matchup to the Midlothian Panthers in the final two minutes of a hard fought game.

Reid went both ways in the contest for his squad and did his part trying to get the younger guys up to speed on the defensive side of the ball throughout the tournament.

"I played receiver today because we had a player out. They said they needed somebody to be a playmaker on the offensive side of the ball. I still stayed with the defense. I called out the plays and put people where they needed to be. I had to take it slow with some of the under classmen but it was all good," Reid explained.

Reid now has his mind set on taking a few visits in the near future. One school will actually benefit from Reid and his teammates losing on Saturday because it will now allow the Bearcats to travel to Tennessee to play in a 7v7 tournament at Vanderbilt University.

"I'm going to Baylor probably next week," Reid stated. "Me and my mom are talking about getting that out the way. We are going to the Vanderbilt seven on seven because we just didn't make it (to the Texas State Tournament). I might just go up there and look around by myself or with the team for an unofficial visit."

Back in December of 2010 Vanderbilt hired James Franklin to be their head coach. The Commodores are usually at the bottom of the totem pole in the SEC when it comes to recruiting and on the field, having had one winning season since 2000.

Coach Franklin is trying to change all that and knows that he will need better talent to turn the tide and have already seen better success on the recruiting scene. Current and future players are also buying in and are letting Reid know that they want him as well.

"I'm getting so much love from Vanderbilt it's crazy," Reid said. "Commitments from last year and commitments from this year, they just waiting on me to make a commitment and I'm like ya'll got to take your time with me."

One school that may get a visit from Reid as well is Oklahoma, but at this time there isn't anything set up.

"I'm getting up there too but no telling (when) right about now," Reid said about getting up to Norman.

Talking with Reid it sounds like the Sooners were his leader before Vanderbilt came into the picture and that still may be the case but the Crimson and Cream now find themselves in a battle with an unfamiliar foe. And even though the Commodores are coming at Reid the hardest right now the Sooners are still firmly on his mind.

"When Vanderbilt came in it's like made everything confusing. It has like made the recruiting process confusing. I love Oklahoma. I'm loving Oklahoma right about now and they are still right here in my head. They are still on my mind every time I sit down and think about recruiting," Reid said with a smile while pointing at his head. (Check the Sooner Magic Insider and you will see why that could have meaning behind it.)

--Joey Helmer--

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