2013 DE Could Boost Bobby Jack's Future Group

Sooners Illustrated recently was able to catch up with DJ Ward, 2013 defensive end out of Lawton HS in Lawton (OK). Ward was the Sooners' first 2013 instate offer. Check inside to see what all Ward had to say.

One school in the state of Oklahoma likely to have quite a few college coaches on campus over the next few years is Lawton High School. That's because possibly the number one prospect regardless of position in the state looks to be 6-foot-4 and 236-pound defensive end, D.J. Ward, who suits up for the Wolverines.

Ward is already a hot commodity on the recruiting scene and currently holds eight offers. Programs like Arizona, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Oregon State are just a few schools on that list. Other schools like Oregon, UCLA and Texas have been showing interest as well.

Back in May, the Sooners and Coach Bobby Jack Wright had already seen all they needed out of Ward and extended him an offer. Ward became the Sooners' first instate offer for the 2013 class.

The University of Oklahoma is a good place to be according to Ward.

"They are always a good team year round," Ward began. "Good recruiting and good place to be. Good coaches and all of that."

Ward has visited Norman before, yet he says he hasn't ever been on a tour of the campus due to the fact that he never got in contact with the coaches while he was on campus.

The Sooners have always been a team that Ward has liked but says he doesn't have a favorite at this time.

"I always liked OU," Ward stated. "As I have grown up now, I am kind of neutral about everything. I don't have favorites."

Over the summer Ward had plans to get out to summer camps including Oklahoma's but has not been able to attend any camps due to his work schedule.

"Nothing really," Ward started about what he has been up to recently. "Ever since I got this job I have been crazy busy. I haven't been able to get to any camps or anything like that."

One thing that is on Ward's mind is getting out of the state of Oklahoma at some point. Getting out on his own is something he says he would like to do.

"Sometimes when I think about leaving it seems better to venture out and leave home. I have always wanted to do that," Ward explained.

But that doesn't mean that Ward isn't interested in the Sooners. In fact, the Sooners are in Ward's top three at the moment but another instate program is ahead of them at number one on his list.

"I would say they are in the top three as of lately," Ward said about Oklahoma. "It would be OSU number one and number two would be Texas A&M."

Ward knows what he wants to do as far as a decision timeline and with two years left to go, taking his time and enjoying the process is his plan.

"Oh I will be waiting until the very last moment," Ward stated.

Last season as a sophomore Ward finished the year with 94-tackles and nine-sacks. Stay with Sooners Illustrated for more coverage on Ward moving forward.

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