Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 22

Sooners Illustrated continues on with the countdown of the most crucial players on offense, this time with yet another offensive lineman.

No. 22:

Player: Austin Woods

Position: Backup center

The rundown: Woods trimmed down in the spring to his current listing of 6-foot-4, 305 pounds, and that has been a contributing factor in some of his improvement in the offseason. The sophomore from Rockwall, Texas was the starting deep snapper in 2010, with a season-high 12 plays and two knockdowns against Iowa State, in addition to being the reserve center to Ben Habern. Previously, he was a beast in high school, not allowing a single sack his senior year.

Expectations for 2011: Woods will likely continue to serve as the deep snapper on place kicks, with virtually no playing time at the center position in offensive sets. Just like the other major backups, however, he'll play when OU has a big lead over an opponent.

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No. 25: David Driskill

No. 24: Adam Shead

No. 23: Daryl Williams

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