Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 19

Sooners Illustrated rolls on with its countdown of the most crucial offensive players, with No. 19 (a.).

No. 19 (a.):

Player: Stephen Good

Position: Backup left guard

The rundown: On the outside looking in, Good is a guy whose role has really seemed to diminish from this time a year ago. He was a starter heading into the 2010 season, whether on the left or right side, playing in all 13 games and 718 snaps back in 2009, the third-most on the team. He lost that starting role after just a couple games last year and hasn't started since, as Gabe Ikard and Tyler Evans have taken the left and right guard spots, respectively. Still, the 6-foot-4, 293-pounder finished with 81 knockdowns on 500 snaps last season.

Expectations for 2011: While he's not listed as a starter, the numbers speak for themselves. Good played those 500 snaps and was productive in those opportunities. He managed at least a double-digit total of knockdowns in three different outings. And he was a key part of that guard rotation. Nothing figures to change here, as he'll do the same this year. So, while it may seem like his impact on this team has majorly diminished, it hasn't. He'll need to perform well for this guard rotation to maximize its potential.


No. 25: David Driskill

No. 24: Adam Shead

No. 23: Daryl Williams

No. 22: Austin Woods

No. 21 (b.): Sheldon McClain

No. 21 (a.): Justin McCay

No. 20: Austin Haywood

No. 19 (b.): Bronson Irwin

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