Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 16

Sooners Illustrated continues on with the countdown of most crucial offensive players.

No. 16:

Player: Trent Ratterree

Position: Backup tight end

The rundown: This summer, Ratterree finally picked up the scholarship he's desired since joining the Sooners back in 2007 as a member of scout team. Before that, the 6-foot-3, 248-pound senior underwent shoulder surgery in the spring. That prevented him from getting any reps in spring ball or any action in the Spring Game. But he started in five games and played in 14 a season ago, with an 89-yard receiving outburst against Colorado. Ratterree had a 47-yard touchdown in that game, albeit his only touchdown of the season, but a score nonetheless. In total, he finished the year with 10 catches for 198 yards.

Expectations for 2011: Ratterree, alongside Austin Haywood, will clearly serve as the backup to starter James Hanna at the tight end position. But he brings a much more veteran look at the tight end position than Haywood does just because of his experience. That will earn him some time in key situations if the Sooners elect to give Hanna a blow. Last year, OU used a two-tight end system, switching them in and out. So, Ratterree will definitely have the opportunity to have an impact on the offense at this spot.


No. 25: David Driskill

No. 24: Adam Shead

No. 23: Daryl Williams

No. 22: Austin Woods

No. 21 (b.): Sheldon McClain

No. 21 (a.): Justin McCay

No. 20: Austin Haywood

No. 19 (b.): Bronson Irwin

No. 19 (a.): Stephen Good

No. 18: Marshall Musil

No. 17: Drew Allen

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