RECRUITING: Top Texas QB in no hurry to decide

Grand Praire, Texas quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about his baseball season, the NFL Draft and about when he might make a decision

The recruiting saga of quarterback Rhett Bomar of Grand Prairie, Texas sometimes takes on epic proportions even when there isn't much going on. For weeks, everybody has been speculating when Bomar will commit, when in reality he has made it perfectly clear to this reporter, and I am sure to many others, that he really isn't in any hurry. We know for sure that it won't be before spring football is over and it won't be before June 1. Those are the facts we know for sure. I recently talked with Bomar to get the latest on one of the top high school quarterbacks in the country.

JH: How is your baseball season going?

RB: "I am still having a pretty good season. We have qualified for the playoffs and I am hitting .540 with 10 home runs and 26 RBIs."

JH: Did your stats win you the Triple Crown in your district?

RB: "No, I just missed in a couple of categories, but I was close."

JH: You are going through spring football right now. You have baseball, you have college football recruiting and you are still trying to enjoy your junior year in high school, so how are you keeping everything in perspective?

RB: "Believe it or not I find time to be a normal guy. I have baseball right after school and then I go straight to football and get there for the last hour and forty-five minutes. Then I go home and have my free time after football practice. I make time for myself, my schoolwork and my friends."

JH: You must feel pretty good about the fact that you are still able to keep everything on an even keel?

RB: "Yeah, I feel petty good about that. It takes a little work and some planning, but I am not getting rushed or overloaded in anything. I am keeping up with everything pretty well."

JH: Do you have any definite time when you might commit?

RB: "I am in no hurry and the coaches are all coming down to see our practices. I am just taking that all in and I am in no hurry to commit right now."

JH: So there is no definite date when you will commit by?

RB: "No, not at all."

JH: You told me that you wouldn't even think about recruiting until after spring football. Are you still holding to that?

RB: "Yes, that is still true, but it is not even going to be right after spring. It will be way after that, probably sometime toward the end of the summer."

JH: Did you follow the draft and some of the things that happened to the quarterbacks? What were your thoughts with the number one pick being Carson Palmer and three other quarterbacks going in the first round? But you also had the controversy of Chris Simms going as the last pick in the third round? What are your thoughts?

RB: "I watched it and followed the draft pretty good. I watched the whole thing and it was a pretty good draft for quarterbacks. Those four that went in the first round and Palmer going number one was pretty impressive. Simms went in the third round and I was surprised at that. Some of the experts predicted that he would go late first, but I thought he would go in the second round. He fell all the way to the last pick in the third round and that was surprising to me."

JH: Did you follow what some of the experts said, that he didn't get the quality coaching that he needed from Texas?

RB: "Yeah, I saw that and heard that and that makes me think about some things a little bit. I also read that in Sports Illustrated as well."

JH: Do you dream of playing in the NFL someday?

RB: "Definitely, because that is your number one goal to go to the NFL."

JH: Hey, you want to make a living, because Carson Palmer is only going to make close to 20-million dollars this year?

RB: "Yeah, and he will have all that endorsement money coming his way and all that incentive money. I was looking at his contract and it was pretty nice."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting and how is it laying out for you at this point?

RB: "It is going pretty good. We have three to four coaches that come by at our practices every day. We have had about 15 to 20 coaches come by thus far in the past week or week-and a-half."

JH: Is Oklahoma still one of your prime contenders?

RB: Yes, they are very much one of my top schools, but that has always been the case. I am trying to say pretty open, but I like Oklahoma, Texas, and then Tennessee, Florida State and Notre Dame. I like those and a couple of others. I am pretty open about it right now."

JH: Can you win state in baseball?

RB: "We have a pretty good team and finished 20-8 on the season and in second place, one game behind the district champ. We play Coppell in the first round of the playoffs and they are usually pretty strong, but they finished in third place in their district. I know a couple of guys off of that team who I played summer ball with and they are a good team, but I like our chances against them."

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