Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 11

Sooners Illustrated is just one spot away from this year's Top 10 on the offensive countdown, so check out the latest inside.

No. 11:

Player: Jarvis Jones

Position: Right tackle

The rundown: He tore the patella tendon in his knee during the spring, which will sideline him for at least the first couple months of the season. That means the 6-foot-7, 289-pound senior is off the depth chart for the start of the year. But he was an integral part of the tackle rotation in 2010, as he started four games, including the last three. Jones recorded 81 knockdowns in 426 snaps and even had a single-game high of 17 against Florida State.

Expectations for 2011: In a lot of ways, the offensive line could go as far as Jones' progress does, which is still somewhat uncertain, although there have been no major complications thus far. He's sort of the X-factor for this group, which now has Daryl Williams and Josh Aladenoye at the right tackle position. Although the O-line has enough talent and depth to get through the first couple months of the season without him, a healthy Jones figures to round out what would be the best five. He was listed as the starter, and the team needs not only his big body but his experience out there if it hopes to maximize its potential.


No. 25: David Driskill

No. 24: Adam Shead

No. 23: Daryl Williams

No. 22: Austin Woods

No. 21 (b.): Sheldon McClain

No. 21 (a.): Justin McCay

No. 20: Austin Haywood

No. 19 (b.): Bronson Irwin

No. 19 (a.): Stephen Good

No. 18: Marshall Musil

No. 17: Drew Allen

No. 16: Trent Ratterree

No. 15: Josh Aladenoye

No. 14: Tyler Evans

No. 13: Dejuan MIller

No. 12: James Hanna

Top 15 Extra: Jaz Reynolds

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