RECRUITING: Stoops invading the Quaker state?

Pennsylvania linebacker Dan Connor has an impressive list, and has high praise for the OU program


Connor is a linebacker deluxe who can play any position and dominate from any linebacker or defensive end position on the field. Connor has played both middle and outside linebacker since his freshman season and will be a rare four-year starter in Pennsylvania.

"I started at free safety my freshman year and then I moved middle linebacker my sophomore year," said Connor. "Free safety got me ready to hit so when I moved to linebacker I was ready for some big contact. It was a pretty drastic move for me, but I got so much bigger my sophomore year that I had to move to linebacker. Playing safety taught me how to cover in the passing game a great deal and I think I am still good in pass coverage today. We play mostly zone drops so I mostly cover curls and things. We don't play much man coverage on our defense."

Connor finished last year with 170 tackles in 15 games, plus five sacks and three interceptions. If that isn't enough for you, Connor also plays fullback on offense and rushed for an amazing 1,500-plus yards with 29 touchdowns.

"Actually, some schools like me as a fullback," said Connor. "USC, Syracuse and Pittsburgh like me as a fullback, but the rest like me as a linebacker. I really don't have a preference where I play or on which side of the ball I want to play, because I just want to get on the field."

Connor can bench 215 pounds, squats 500 and went to the Penn State camp last year. This year Connor plans to stay at home and workout for the coming season and not to go any of the summer camps. Connor has been offered by 25 colleges thus far and says he is keeping his decision pretty open.

"I am trying to keep things open, because coaches could start calling today and I want to be able to talk to as many as possible," said Connor. "Oklahoma is definitely up there along with Notre Dame, Michigan, Penn State, Tennessee along with Miami. We have been to Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State and Syracuse on unofficial visits. They were all pretty equal and most were pretty close. We flew out to Michigan and from there we drove to Notre Dame and Ohio State. I want to come up with a top five at the end of this month and then start lining up official visits."

Connors father, Jim, is his defensive coordinator and Dan thinks that is pretty cool. At the moment he also feels that Oklahoma is one of the best programs on his list.

"Oklahoma is the top program in the country, I think," said Connor. "I would really like to get out on their campus and catch a game or two. I have talked to their coaches and they are going to come out and see me this month and I have a million questions that I want to ask them. I am very interested in them and I can't wait to meet one of their coaches."

Connor is also a winner as his team finished as the runner-up in Class 3A in Pennslyvania last year. Connor also starts in hoops and he throws the shot, discus and javelin in track, and for good measure he high jumps as well.

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