Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 8

NORMAN, Okla. -- Sooners Illustrated inches closer to No. 1 with today's version of the countdown.

No. 8:

Player: Trey Millard

Position: Starting fullback

The rundown: Millard is healthy after undergoing minor off-season shoulder surgery. The 6-foot-2, 249-pounder showed last year just how good of a fullback he can be when he's healthy. He had 24 carries for 74 yards, including three touchdown runs in 2010, as well as 16 receptions for 135 yards and a receiving touchdown. So, he's a multi-dimensional fullback for the Sooners.

Expectations for 2011: He'll be a very crucial part of this offense, given how much emphasis head coach Bob Stoops puts on a good blocking fullback. Millard's not only a solid blocker but can also provide the Sooners with a good option in goal line situations and has the ability to catch and run a little bit out of the backfield. That is evidenced by his numbers from last season. Don't be surprised for Stoops and co. to call his number in goal-to-go situations often.


No. 25: David Driskill

No. 24: Adam Shead

No. 23: Daryl Williams

No. 22: Austin Woods

No. 21 (b.): Sheldon McClain

No. 21 (a.): Justin McCay

No. 20: Austin Haywood

No. 19 (b.): Bronson Irwin

No. 19 (a.): Stephen Good

No. 18: Marshall Musil

No. 17: Drew Allen

No. 16: Trent Ratterree

No. 15: Josh Aladenoye

No. 14: Tyler Evans

No. 13: Dejuan MIller

No. 12: James Hanna

Top 15 Extra: Jaz Reynolds

No. 11: Jarvis Jones

No. 10: Trey Franks

No. 9 (b.): Brandon Williams

No. 9 (a.): Roy Finch

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