Perfect Visit for Harlow

Laith Harlow, three-star tight end and Oklahoma commitment recently got his chance to visit his future home in Norman (OK). Harlow made his commitment earlier this year without ever stepping foot on the Oklahoma campus. Check inside to see what Harlow had to say.

"It was great," Harlow began. "It was everything I thought it would be and so much more from the players to the coaches to the facilities and to the school itself."

The 6-foot-5 and 240-pound tight end from Godby HS went on his visit with his mother. The distance her son will be from home became evident to Harlow's mom while on campus but Harlow says she loved what she saw in Norman just as much as the future Sooner did.

"She was just as happy as I was," Harlow stated. "She was a little upset because of how far away from home that it was, so she had her little moment of sadness there. All in all she thought it was a great time. She loved the coaches; she loves everything about it. She loved it just as much as I do and she knows that I am going to be somewhere great for the next four years, even though it's not that close to home but she is supportive of my decision 100 percent."

The man responsible for Harlow's commitment, Coach Kittle, showed Harlow around while on his visit. One of the perks of the visit for Harlow was getting to be around the current players who don the Crimson and Cream. It was the family atmosphere that jumped out to Harlow about the Sooner squad.

"I thought it was great. All of them are like a family to each other. Everything about them, it felt like home. All those guys they treat people like family, the freshman and the seniors were all hanging out," Harlow said. "And that just shows you, you can tell the leadership difference between a senior and a freshman but all in all it's not like I want to boast over you because I am a senior its more I'm going to help you because I have been through the ropes."

There wasn't one thing about Harlow's visit that stood out to him more than the rest. One word summed it all up. "I have been asked that by my parents, my cousin, my coaches and my answer to you will be the same that it was to them, there's not one thing that I liked more than the other. Everything about it was perfect."

Later this year Harlow will take his official visit to see a Sooner home game and at the moment it appears it will be to see the Sooners take on the Aggies. There is one game he is certain already that he will be attending.

"I will be at the Florida State game," Harlow said with a stern voice.

Now that Harlow has seen where he will be living for the next four years of his life and came away as impressed and happy as he did with his visit, he says he is completely solid to the Sooners. Now Harlow's attention will be focused on his goals for his senior season.

"Since I got the visit out of the way, that's really the last thing I needed to be completely settled. Now that I have done it I am completely firm on OU, I'm not going to any college camps or anything anymore," Harlow explained. "Now I am just going to focus on bringing home a state championship to Godby High School and then going up to Oklahoma and hopefully bringing home some national championships."

Shortly after the Sooners hosted Harlow on a visit, they turned their attention to the number two defensive end in the county in five-star, Mario Edwards. Harlow is aware that Edwards is committed to the Florida State Seminoles but has plans of his own to see if he can't get the Denton Ryan star to take a deeper look at the Sooners.

"I haven't talked with him yet but I haven't been home since I heard about him coming. The best way to recruit players is to talk to them. Players recruit players, that's how you get people to come to your school. Coaches, they recruit you, but really it's what the players say that makes it the ultimate to make the other person's mind up," Harlow stated. "I think me talking to him and the other guys talking to him can help him reconsider. Of course he is committed to FSU, which is also a great program but I'm just going to tell him how OU is better."

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