DALLAS — The Texas Longhorns have their own new Longhorn Network, and linebacker Travis Lewis has this idea: creating one of his own.

"Oh yeah, y'all saw that? Well, I figured since Texas gets their own network, I was gonna shoot, really push today to start the TLN Network, the Travis Lewis Network," Lewis said.

What would it consist of?

"And I think it would be a good show on, you know, I talked about it, and we're gonna have king crab fishing," Lewis said. "We're gonna have gator hunting. We're gonna do a lot of different things, you know, open ourselves up to a wide variety of audience. You know, so talk to y'all people about that. Y'all work for some network. I mean, somebody's gonna pick it up, so I'm pretty excited about it."

The comments got this response out of head coach Bob Stoops.

"Yeah, I knew he'd use this opportunity to launch his own network," Stoops joked. "But it'd be a comical one. Let me tell you that. It'd be entertaining."

Many around the conference are up in arms about the new 24-hour LHN, which will pay out $300 million over 20 years for Texas.

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