Top Sooner Quotes of Media Days

DALLAS — There were some very interesting comments from OU at Big 12 Media Days, and Sooners Illustrated has rounded up some of those.

"Oh yeah, y'all saw that? Well, I figured since Texas gets their own network, I was gonna shoot, really push today to start the TLN Network, the Travis Lewis Network. And I think it would be a good show on, you know, I talked about it, and we're gonna have king crab fishing. We're gonna have gator hunting. We're gonna do a lot of different things, you know, open ourselves up to a wide variety of audience. You know, so talk to y'all people about that. Y'all work for some network. I mean, somebody's gonna pick it up, so I'm pretty excited about it."-Linebacker Travis Lewis joking about having his own network in response to the Longhorn Network

"I'm not pushing kids to come back. I push them to make sure you maximize that short window in the NFL, that you maximize your earning ability and don't play for a discount. So, that's what I'm after is you want to get what you're worth and not [anything less]. If you're a first rounder the next year, don't go the year before and be a second rounder. You're losing a lot of money. That's all I want my guys is to be educated and if you do go, make sure you're not fooled by it."--Head coach Bob Stoops on Ryan Broyles and Lewis coming back and what he emphasizes in his philosophies on players returning

"It's just a tragedy. We lost a brother through that deal. Yeah, our team's coming together, but it wasn't worth losing Box for our team to come together. But it happened, you know. God says that he works everything out for our good, and some good is coming out of that. So, we're taking it in stride. [I've] been praying a lot, been praying for a lot of guys on the team, going to Haiti, that really helped us out kind of build a nice little corps five. So, having some people come to us and getting to walk them through that deal. For me, man, I'm still kind of walking through it as well, still trying to figure out how to deal with it, and so, it's definitely brought us closer together for sure.--Quarterback Landry Jones on his thoughts about linebacker Austin Box's passing

"Towards the middle of the season, I kind of new what I was going to do. I knew I was going to come back. So, that was well before the rankings [for the draft]. And I feel like more than anything, I came back for school. Three hours left, might as well get it done now, you know, because I know there's a lot of guys that leave and never come back or they struggle, being 30 years old in the classroom with 20 people, they just can't swallow their pride. I didn't want to be in that situation. I knew the NFL was going to be there. It's gonna be there tomorrow. It's gonna be there 20 years from now, you know, so I was in no rush."--Broyles on his decision to return to OU

"I would imagine--I know what I attribute mine to. It's administration. I've had the same administration also for this whole time, same president, same athletic director that have supported us in, you know, a fabulous way and have helped us succeed. And that's a major factor for me, and I would imagine it is for them. I can't speak to all of them...and they've done it the right ways."--Stoops on why UT's Mack Brown, Kansas State's Bill Snyder, Missouri's Gary Pinkel and himself have been able to coach double-digit years at the same institution

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