Bowers:"Nobody could match OU"

Jacksonville, Fla. safety Brett Bowers talks about his decision to commit to Oklahoma


JH: I expected you to commit on Monday when Coach Mike Stoops would be visiting your school, but you jumped the gun and committed over the weekend.

BB: "That is why I took my unofficial visits so early. I wanted to see if any of the other schools could really match up with OU. All of them were great, but none of them could match up with OU in my opinion. So, I just decided to announce it to everybody."

JH: What is it about Oklahoma that you like so much?

BB: "The coaching staff, the players and I have family that lives in Oklahoma. The OU tradition is second to none and the program just seems to have everything going. They are always contending for a national championship."

JH: How do you feel your skills will fit into the OU defense?

BB: "OU plays three safeties during a game and they all always involve their safeties in so many different defenses. They blitz their safeties, play them on the edge and just involve them in so many different ways. Plus, if you play safety at OU you are very probably going to be on their special teams as well."

JH: In one interview you mentioned that you expected to play cornerback at some point in your career. Do you really feel that way?

BB: "What I meant on the corner thing is that when OU is in dime coverage their safety will line up like a cornerback. I didn't mean that I was going to play corner at OU, but you have to be able to cover like a corner to be a great safety at OU."

JH: Are you glad that recruiting is over for you?

BB: "Yes sir. Now I can just concentrate on my senior year. I am shutting down recruiting and OU will be my only official visit now."

JH: Do your family members in Oklahoma know that you are going to be a Sooner?

BB: "My mom told my grandmother last night and they were very excited to hear that I was going to OU."

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