RECRUITING: Top 100 PF say Sooners top list

Midwest City power forward Darnell Jackson talks about his game and his interest in the Sooners


JH: What do you think about your top 100 standing and the recruiting hype that is coming your way?

DJ: "It doesn't bother me because I have only been playing basketball for three years. God has given me decent talent to be a pretty good player and I am pretty happy where I am at right now."

JH: Why have you played basketball only three years?

DJ: "When I was little my grandmother made me play football. When I was a freshman at Northwest Classen my friends talked me into going out for basketball, and I did so that I could make a good grade in PE. My freshman year I didn't like basketball at all, and in fact I can say that I hated basketball. When I started getting better at it and I started practicing, I started to like the game more. Now, I love basketball and it is my life."

JH: Is it safe to say that you are still developing your game?

DJ: "My game is still developing and the scouts this summer are going to see a much improved player. I am working on developing my jump shot from 15 feet and I have got to the point where I am shooting that pretty well. Last summer I didn't have to shoot that shot, because I had Jeremy Case and J.R. Giddens on my team and I am a very unselfish player."

JH: What aspects about your game do you like best?

DJ: "I like rebounding and defense the most at this point. I can control a game by dominating those two things."

JH: Why did you move from Northwest Classen to Midwest City for your senior season?

DJ: "It was my mom's decision. I told her that I didn't want to leave Northwest Classen, but she wanted to move and I had to move with her. My mom liked the community and she liked how Midwest City was going to work with me to make sure that I got caught up on my credits and that I would graduate on time. Right now I am on time to graduate."

JH: Who are your favorites in recruiting?

DJ: "I like OU, Kansas, New Mexico, Purdue and UConn at this time."

JH: What do you think about Oklahoma?

DJ: "They are really good and they are number one with me right now, certainly at the top of my list. I hope to make a decision at the end of the summer, or at least that is when my mom would like me to make a decision."

JH: What about some of the other schools?

DJ: "I like the programs at the other schools. I like Coach (Bill) Self at Kansas and they have a great program and other programs are outstanding as well."

JH: Since you are so new to the game do you have dreams of playing in the NBA someday?

DJ: "I have dreams of playing in the NBA someday. I have already been invited to the NBA top 100 high school camp in Virginia."

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