RECRUITING: Texas Giant emerges at Nike camp

Denton, Texas OL Herman Johnson talks about his top two and his impressive Nike camp performance


Johnson is a mountain of a man and coming off his recent performance at the NIKE camp in College Station, he can name the college that he wants to go to.

"I was told by the camp directors there that I did pretty well at their camp," said Johnson. "I was told that I have the potential to play in the NFL some day if I really work hard in college."

Johnson will be a three-year starter and he spent his first two years at left guard. For his senior season he is moving to right tackle.

"It remains to be seen which position that I like better," said Johnson. "When they moved me to tackle I have had to learn fundamentals all over again. At guard I have the fundamentals down and know how to play the position pretty well. At tackle some things are new to me, but I think I am going to be alright there."

Johnson can bench 335 pounds, squats 485 and he has a 21-inch vertical jump. Johnson comes off the bench in track and he also power lifts in the weight room. Johnson camped at Texas A&M last summer and he also went to a basketball camp at Alcorn State. He also plans to attend the day camps at OU and LSU this summer.

"Right now I pretty much like LSU and OU the best," said Johnson. "They are basically co-favorites right now."

"I like their background of winning championships, and if I went there it wouldn't be hassle for my mom to see me play," Johnson said about OU. "I had a chance to meet some of their players and they all seem very cool. OU's practices are real intense and I really liked that as well."

"At LSU I liked the campus because it is not real big. I hear that their football games are real loud and a lot of fun and I would like to experience that. I had a chance to meet a couple of players there and they seemed real cool. The coaches are nice and they seem to know what they are doing."

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