Manukainiu to Commit Soon?

Sooners Illustrated was out at the Trinity and Tyler Lee game this past Friday night to check in on a few 2012 Oklahoma targets with one of them being Polo Manukainiu. Manukainiu did not play in the game due to an injury from the summer but we caught up with him after the game for a quick interview.

A few weeks ago rumors started to swirl that Polo Manukainiu had committed to the Sooners. Soon after hearing the news Sooners Illustrated got confirmation from the source himself that the news was untrue. Turns out it was all just a misunderstanding.

"There is this dude that called me that said just name your top two and I said Baylor and OU and I guess he took it the wrong way," Manukainiu stated. "OU is up there though."

Is there a chance that Manukainiu could still announce his decision soon?

"Yeah to OU soon," Manukainiu said about announcing a commitment. "After I let my family know."

Based off of that comment it sounds like Manukainiu may have already made his decision and that a commitment could happen at any moment for the 6-foot-6 and 255-pound defensive end. The location of Norman is obviously playing a major factor with Manukainiu's along with the fact that a family member of his is now there, Sooner Haka sensation, Nila Kasitati.

"Just that it is close to home and I can come back. It's not too far and not too close. And plus I like the tradition and my cousin is over there."

The monstrous defensive end says his cousin has let him know that it is hard work up there in Norman.

"Oh he said its hard work but he knows that we can do it," Manukainiu explained. "It's the same stuff that we do in the summer but just harder."

Trinity came out victorious against Tyler Lee Friday Night, 30-7, despite the fact that Manukainiu and their starting middle linebacker, Brian Nance, were both out. Manukainiu is dealing with a PCL injury but expects to be back soon along with Nance.

"Me and our linebacker, Brian Nance, are coming back in three weeks." Manukainiu said.

Despite not being able to play, Manukainiu had butterflies before the game due to worrying about the defense, but seeing them earn the victory the way they did helped calm his nerves.

"At first I was nervous but my team pulled it off. Now that they are good all that nervousness went away and I can count on the defense. Our defense was struggling in practice earlier, so now that they did good all that sweat's off and I believe in them now."

In Manukainiu's absence the Trinity defensive end play was still solid thanks to a couple of 2013 defensive end prospects who the Sooners have interest in, Gaius Vaenuku and Sam Tevi. Because of their play Manukainiu says that when he returns it may be at the tight end position.

Stay with Sooners Illustrated as we will stay on top of this situation as a commitment could come at any time.

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