Metoyer Clears the Air

After word broke that Metoyer would have to wait to come to Norman in January Sooners Illustrated caught up with him for an interview to see what he had to say. Check inside to see what Metoyer had to say about his situation.

Sooner fans spent the summer on the edge of their seats waiting to hear if Trey Metoyer, five-star and number one ranked receiver in the country would be ruled eligible to make it to Norman this past August.

Last week the word came out that Metoyer would have to wait a semester and attend Hargrave Military Academy in Virgina due to Whitehouse not signing off his release. For Sooner fans, the news seemed like it wasn't ever going to come out but there was someone who knew Metoyer's fate before everyone else, his dad. David Metoyer just didn't know how to break the news to his son.

"My dad had known about it but he didn't tell me because he didn't know how I would react. Whitehouse wouldn't release me and, of course, I'm disappointed you know this is what I worked hard for and I got my grades and now I can't go," Metoyer stated.

Metoyer talked about why Whitehouse wouldn't release him to Oklahoma.

"Supposedly they said the classes that I took that they didn't matchup. Supposedly, Whitehouse and TJC kind of have the same classes. I took Criminal Justice and Speech and supposedly Whitehouse couldn't approve it," Metoyer said. "What we were thinking about was they don't have to be the same because you aren't going to find any high school and college classes that are the same so we were trying to put something similar together. And of course they did have them but they (Whitehouse) didn't want to sign me off so I have to go to Virginia for four months but I'll be at Oklahoma on January."

Metoyer will be playing football this season at Hargrave and says that the coach told him not to worry about learning the plays right now, they just want him on the field. Metoyer's first game will come against Blue Ridge this upcoming Saturday.

While he is in Virginia, Metoyer says all he plans on doing is taking care of business.

"Just taking care of my business and taking care of my grades and just playing ball. That's basically it. I mean, I'm not up there doing anything else so my main thing is getting to Oklahoma and I will do whatever it takes," Metoyer stated.

The Sooners coaching staff has let Metoyer know that they are proud of the work he has put in and are making sure to let him know that they still want him to be a Sooner.

"They are real proud of me," Metoyer began. "Any kid with all the stuff I have been through any kid would have been like 'forget it'. All the coaches respect me and they know I have been working hard. Oklahoma's main thing is they don't want me to leave and go somewhere else. Like I told them, I'm there, and in January expect to see me at Oklahoma."

Metoyer took 12 hours this summer at Tyler Junior College but that does not play into his eligibility once he gets to Norman.

"That don't count at all. With my classes when I get up there I will be classified as a sophomore but for football I will be a freshman," Metoyer said.

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