Stoops Hints Red River Rivalry Could End

NORMAN, Okla. — Head coach Bob Stoops dropped a bombshell today in his press conference when he said the annual Red River Rivalry game could discontinue should the Sooners and Longhorns split paths amidst conference realignment.

"Oh, I don't think it's necessary [to play it]," Stoops said. "I know no one wants to hear that, but life changes, you know. If it changes, you got to change with it to whatever degree. So, if it works, great. I love the game. But if it doesn't, it doesn't. Sometimes, you know, that's the way it goes."

The Sooners are reportedly contemplating a move to the Pac-12 along with Oklahoma State, while Texas is forced with the decision of whether to come along with the two and sacrifice its Longhorn Network or possibly become an independent.

Stoops said he could realistically see the two Oklahoma schools head west, while Texas stays behind.

"Sure, why not? But I'm not lobbying for anything," Stoops said. "Like I said, I stick to my whatever, you know, President [David L.] Boren and Joe Castiglione feel is best for the university. I'm all in."

Should the two long-time bitter rivals part ways, Stoops believes OU's recruiting in the fertile state of Texas won't take much of a hit.

"It may a little bit, but overall I don't know that it would drastically," Stoops said.

OU, who has three Californians in its current starting lineup, including running back Brennan Clay, wide receiver Kenny Stills and nickelback Tony Jefferson and four total on the roster, also including running back Julian Winters, would be able to tap into the rich California market even further with a potential shift out west.

Boren suggested a move to the Pac-12 could happen when he spoke publicly with reporters for the first time last Friday.

"I do not know with certainty or perhaps even I can't hazard a totally intelligent guess as to what our final decision will be," Boren said. "But we are carefully looking over all the options, and we are...there's no school in the Big 12 more active than we are right now. And, of course, Joe Castiglione's a wonderful partner with me in being active with me in this process."

While a decision has yet to be made, you can bet the administration is taking into consideration the future of the OU-Texas series and if it will be played should the Sooners bolt west.

After all, the teams have met 105 times since their initial meeting back in 1900, with Texas leading the overall series 59-41-5.

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