Travis Lewis to Return for FSU??

NORMAN, Okla. — Weak side linebacker Travis Lewis broke the big toe in his left foot during the Oklahoma Drill Aug. 8, which was expected to sideline him for six to eight weeks initially.

Six weeks would put him at the Monday after the Florida State game but before Missouri comes to town.

Eight weeks would be the week of Red River Rivalry game against Texas.

But could he be back sooner?

Lewis has been suggesting all along, including with a public Facebook post that he will be back to face the Seminoles in Tallahassee.

However, head coach Bob Stoops put some doubt into the likelihood that he will return that soon with his comments Monday night.

"Not right now [I don't expect him to return], but you know," Stoops said.

He casted further doubt Tuesday afternoon during his weekly press conference, saying the game preparation would be very challenging in such a quick time frame.

"It'd be really hard," Stoops said. "It'd be really difficult to do after being out that long and in a boot that long, so I don't expect that to happen."

Still, he's making progress.

"Yeah, [the trainers are saying] that it's going well, but whatever that means doesn't mean a whole lot [in terms of him returning]," Stoops said.

They'll reevaluate him at the beginning of next week, Stoops said.

"So, if they say something next week, then I'll have something to say," Stoops said. "But there's nothing to talk about. He went from a cast to a boot, but, you know, he's still walking around [in a boot]. The boot's just like a cast. And that's only so that they can give a treatment, you know. A cast obviously you can't take off."

One thing's for sure, though: If they try to hold Lewis out, they'll have pressure from him.

This game has national title implications, which is the reason he ultimately returned in the first place instead of heading to the NFL.

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