Trinity Pipeline Started

With quite a bit of buzz surrounding Manukainiu and the Sooners, the massive defensive end decided this past Monday that it was time to become apart of the Sooners recruiting class.

The Sooners have or have had recruiting pipelines with some of the better high school football programs in the country like Dallas Skyline, Bishop Gorman and Jenks. All three programs have a history of winning. One program the Sooners have yet to start a pipeline with that is close to Norman but on the other side of the border that has been a dominant force on the gridiron is the Trinity Trojans.

Trinity has won the 5A Texas State Championship three out of the last six years and is a top program in the country year in and year out. Quite a bit of Trinity's success has to do with their size that they possess which is helped by having a heavy population of Polynesian players. One of those Polynesians is Polo Manukainiu, a 6-foot-6 and 255-pound defensive end.

This past summer Manukainiu had an impressive performance at the Sooners camp and ever since then the Sooners coaching staff has been waiting for Manukainiu to commit. On Monday he picked up the phone and let defensive ends coach, Bobby Jack Wright, as well as defensive coordinator, Brent Venables, know the news.

"They were pumped," Manukainiu began. "They said they have been waiting on me since I was at the camp. They were waiting for me to commit and they were hyped up about my decision."

Location played a major factor in Manukainiu's decision and like his cousin, Nila Kasitati, a lot of the decision fell on his mother's shoulders as well.

"Fifty percent of my choice goes through my mom and the other fifty is me. We came to an agreement that it's not too far from home and it's not too close and I can always come back."

Trinity has started out the season 2-0 despite the fact of not having Manukainiu out on the field due to a knee injury he sustained back in the summer. That will soon change as Manukainiu will be back out on the field soon he says.

"I got hurt in July but everything happens for a reason and God put it there. I start practice this week and I will be back next week," Manukainiu stated.

Another Trojan prospect the Sooners are hoping to land is Brian Nance. Nance has also been out so far this season with a knee injury. While they have been out Manukainiu says they have talked about Oklahoma quite a bit.

"It's a high possibility," Manukainiu said about Nance ending up a Sooner. "I'm pretty locked in about that decision because me and him are both out and we always have time to talk about recruiting stuff and we talk about Oklahoma alot. I'm guessing he really likes it (Oklahoma)."

Manukainiu got the chance to see his cousin and future teammate bring the 'Haka' to the Norman practice fields and says he would join him like he used to at Trinity if it gets the team pumped and ready to play.

"It's whatever makes the team get hyped, I will do whatever," Manukainiu explained.

When it comes to what the Sooner faithful can expect to see out of Manukainiu once he gets to Norman, the big man kept it simple.

"I'm here to play and that's it," Manukainiu said.

Manukainiu says he is on pace to qualify and it appears the Sooners may be well on their way to starting a pipeline in Euless (TX).

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