RECRUITING: Call him 'The Franchise'

Kansas City running back Tony Temple comes from a high school powerhouse with Oklahoma ties


Temple is a pure franchise running back that comes out of one of the most storied high school football programs in the country. Many feel that Temple is the best running back to come out of Rockhurst since the Sooners' Kenyon Rasheed, and that means the is one of the best running back in the country.

"That is a nice thought and I think that players like Kenyon started the tradition here," said Temple. "I am just trying to follow in his shoes like he did for the great players before him. I had a chance to meet him recently and that was quite a thrill for me. So, I am just trying to keep the tradition going for the younger players that follow me."

Temple has been a household name in Missouri since his freshman year when he rushed for 1,116 yards and 22 touchdowns. He added onto those totals as a sophomore, racking up 1,200 yards and 24 touchdowns. Then last year Temple really broke out with 2,034 yards and 35 touchdowns.

"It was a combination of a lot of things," said Temple. "My freshman year I was coming into the program as an offensive lineman and I was too big, and by the time I got into shape to be a running back the season was almost over. I was still learning how to be a running back my sophomore year and then last year our offensive line was better and I just became more of a complete running back and that paid off for us."

Temple can bench 300 pounds, squats 550 and he has a 40-inch vertical jump. Temple hasn't been to any camps the last couple of years, but says he may attend a couple of camps this summer just so he can go with his friends. Temple has had more offers than he can count and says that he is trying to keep an open mind.

"My decision is still open because I am a junior and schools are just now talking to me," said Temple. "Heading into the summer I am going to sit down with my coaches and get some advice from him and then start to really get into recruiting. I think that I am mature enough to handle it.

"Right now Notre Dame, Miami, Michigan and Missouri are four schools that I have a pretty good interest in. Oklahoma is a nice school and they said they were interested in me and proved that point by offering me a scholarship. I am very wide open and I haven't set up any visits at this time either."

Temple is such a hard hitter on offense that he doesn't play much defense, but in crucial situations he will line up at linebacker.

Editors Note: Temple is in the same class as Adrian Peterson and that means that despite a commitment to D.J. Wolfe and a promise that he would be the only RB signed by the Sooners in this class, OU must go after Temple and if they can sign him. The odds of OU signing Peterson and Temple are long at best, but OU is in the hunt for both and the Sooners must recruit both because are both franchise running backs.

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