OU to Pac-12?

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooners Illustrated has the most up-to-date information on the realignment shuffle.

What we know at this very moment:

  • It appears the Sooners are closer and closer towards attempting their leap to the Pac-12, perhaps as early as next Monday or Tuesday. Sources confirmed yesterday that Texas President Bill Powers and athletic directors DeLoss Dodds and Chris Plonsky made an emergency trip over the weekend to Norman similar to OU's to College Station a couple weeks ago in a last ditch effort to save the Big 12. Immediate reports of that meeting indicated that Texas had made no progress and OU was dead set on leaving. That seems to be just the case.
  • The Sooners are still somewhat waiting on the Texas A&M situation to be resolved, but OU is nevertheless set on moving forward regardless. The truth here lies in the fact that the Aggies are leaving the conference. It's just a matter of when, not if. There's no doubt about that. Therefore, with nine teams, OU feels there is a lack of stability. That has prompted the move and will be the defining factor when, not if, OU makes the decision public. At this point, OU looks like it's past saving the Big 12.
  • The timeline clicks, and there's every reason to believe early next week during the OU Board of Regents Meeting, a previously scheduled meeting, a decision could be made and it could be formally announced by Tuesday. President David. L Boren said three days (72 hours) to three weeks when he publicly addressed the situation Sept. 2 in Norman. That means Sept. 23 presumably is the cutoff date, putting Sept. 19 or 20 right within that time frame. At the latest, OU will announce Thursday or Friday of next week its intentions to leave, and if for some reason that does not happen--there's not any major reason to believe that will be the case--they will in the week following.

Bottom line: The decision internally has been made and expect to hear something about it sooner than later.

What's still uncertain:

  • Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott is satisfied with the current 12-team setup in terms of revenue and preserving traditional rivalries and reiterated that the other night when he spoke publicly about hoping that the Big 12 would maintain the status quo, ultimately keeping his conference as is. When OU applies for membership, Will Scott accept the Sooners and perhaps a greater question is will he be able to get all the other universities on board with it? An even greater question than that is will he be able to get the conference on board with bringing in Oklahoma State as well, because that is a must for OU.
  • Will Texas come with? This means the Longhorns must rework their Longhorn Network into the Pac-12's regional networks. The Sooners prefer Texas to come in order to maintain a rivalry that has become a conference rivalry over the last 16 years. It doesn't appear to be a must though.
  • How would the vote turn out in the OU Board of Regents. There was a report that the BOR is unanimous on heading west, but Sooners Illustrated has been unable to confirm that at this time.

Bottom line: BOR regents members are not unanimous, but in favor of the trek west and OU's future likely lies in the hands of the Pac-12, which will surely not turn them down, right?

Stay tuned over the next few days as Sooners Illustrated will provide the latest.

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