RECRUITING: Undersized LB getting major offers

LaMarque, Texas LB Rashad Bobino's height isn't scaring away national powers schools like OU and Texas


Don't be mistaken by Bobino's height, because when it comes to playing linebacker on the field he is a mountain of a man. Bobino will be a three-year starter this year for one of the most athletic high school teams in the country. Bobino plays middle linebacker, but many of the college coaches like him on the outside.

"I hear that I will be playing linebacker in college, but different coaches tell me different things about playing inside or at will linebacker," said Bobino. "The coaches tell me that I am doing well and the best thing I hear from them is that they think I will be a good player.

The coaches don't think anything about my height, they just tell me that I can make plays, and in fact many coaches feel my height can give me some advantage on the field," Bobino continued. "I can avoid chop blocks better and I have better balance than many taller linebacker. The only disadvantage that some of the coaches can see for me is that they fear I will have trouble seeing over some of the offensive linemen, but that has never been a problem for me before."

Last season Bobino finished with 176 tackles, 58 unassisted, six sacks, one pass break up and he scored one touchdown on a big hit and a fumble recovery in the end zone. Bobino can bench 315 pounds, squats 620 and he has a 35-inch vertical jump.

Bobino went to the Texas and Texas A&M camps last summer and this summer Bobino plans to go to the Texas one day camp as well as camps at Tennessee, Arkansas, LSU, Notre Dame, Colorado, Oklahoma State and OU.

"I have an interest in all of those schools," said Bobino. "The coach from Kansas State caught my eye today and so did a coach from Clemson. I am kind of looking at Texas and we have been talking a little bit. Texas would probably be one of my top three schools and maybe my favorite. I also like Tennessee and Notre Dame quite a bit.

"I haven't had a chance to talk to Oklahoma yet, but I am looking forward to it," said Bobino. "I got a questionnaire from them and they have tried to call me. I am looking forward to that call, because I really like their defensive schemes that they run. Oklahoma would be real nice and if they are interested I will be interested in them."

Bobino would like to commit early, but he believes that he needs to take his visits, so committing early probably won't be in the picture. Bobino is teammates with wide receiver Keith Dickerson and cornerback James Francis, who are also ranked in the Texas Top 100. Bobino says the trio would like to play together, but the chances of it happening are unlikely.

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