Injury Report: Sept. 27

NORMAN, Okla. — The Sooners suffered a major blow last weekend when center Ben Habern went down with a broken forearm, and it's not good news.

Head coach Bob Stoops confirmed Tuesday afternoon that he will be out of the lineup for at least a month.

It could be as much as two months, but he could feasibly return in a non-snapping position on the line sooner than that.

"Yeah, to play guard, somewhere four to six weeks," Stoops said. "And it's because of, I guess, the bone, the rotation of it. So, it isn't like sometimes you can protect something. If it didn't have anything to do with the rotation of the wrist, then he could go probably earlier. But that's why it's going to take at least that long to play guard, and then they think six to eight to snap."

Still, there's some uncertainty, and anything could happen, as evidenced by linebacker Travis Lewis' quick return.

"So, it's just a little unsure, but again, I think everything determines how guys heal and as they, you know, watch it progress," Stoops said.

As for his spirits, Stoops said he's been fine.

"Yeah, he'll be back," Stoops said. "I mean, you know, he's a strong, great leader. So, he hasn't been able to be around yet, but he will be."

In the meantime, Gabe Ikard will shift over from left guard to center, and Stephen Good is expected to step in at left guard, although Stoops also said Jarvis Jones could see some time at guard.

One other injury of note is wide receiver Kenny Stills' concussion.

He has made a full recovery, practiced Monday evening and is expected to play Saturday night against Ball State.

Stills also practiced all of last week, but just couldn't go in the game, Stoops said.

"Well, he practiced on Thursday, too," Stoops said. "There's all kinds of criteria. The bottom line [is] he had some symptoms that the doctors weren't comfortable with, so in practice you're not going full speed. You're not getting hit. It's a different situation, so, you know, doctors can explain all that to you. That's not my job. Doctors tell me who can play and who can't...

"[He had] symptoms. You're not getting hit in practice. Again, the bottom line is sometimes guys are [not able to play]. A lot of guys can practice but aren't able to play. There's a big difference.

This time around, however, he should be available.

Right tackle Daryl Williams, who still did not participate against Missouri because of a nicked up ankle, should be back as well.

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