Big 12 Teleconference: Bob Stoops Transcribed

NORMAN, Okla. — OU head coach Bob Stoops got on the conference call Monday morning, and Sooners Illustrated brings you the discussion.

Q-If you had to identify one or two aspects of your game Saturday that led to the loss, what would they be?

A-Well, two would be both sides of the ball through the second quarter, actually from the second quarter to the first series of the third quarter we have--you know, offense contributed by going fumble, four straight punts, four straight three-and-outs, then an interception. So, they do nothing through the period of time and then the defense through the entire time the second quarter gives up 17 points and the opening drive of third quarter, 24 points. So, Tech just badly outplayed us through that span of time and as a team both sides of the ball is where we lost it.

Q-How do you feel like Roy Finch did replacing Dominique Whaley on Saturday?

A-He did some things really well. Some things in other parts aren't as noticeable to the person that isn't in charge of the offense, some things he needs to be better at, but he had some nice runs in some good situations. But there's still some negative plays there that we got to work out of them.

Q-What other positives do you look for when you get into that super fast offense?

A-Well, it still gets down to execution, and like I said, you know, just a second ago, there's six straight possessions where it didn't work very well when you got a fumble, four straight three-and-outs, then an interception. You know, so no matter what you're trying to gain an advantage of, hopefully they don't have their feet in the ground, but you still have to execute. At the end of the day, you're trying to wear them down and again, hopefully they're not quite set, ready to play defense so you have an opportunity to gain an advantage.

Q-You've known Bill Snyder for a number of years and coached against him a number of times. What's it like going against a coach you're very familiar with.

A-Well, Coach Snyder and the whole group of guys there, it's just complicated because they're very smart in how they play and how they work their offense, how they work their defense. So, you know, playing against them, you've got to be equally as disciplined in what you're trying to do, so it's challenging.

Q-What do you think of the job that he's done at Kansas State this year?

A-Well, for the umpteenth time, he's done an amazing job. He always has. You know, so it is no surprise to any of us here who have worked with him and are familiar with him. So, he does a great job.

Q-Along those same lines, as you watch this year's Kansas State team, what similarities do you see to some of those teams when you were there with them?

A-You see very smart play. You see taking care of the football, great in all kinds of multiple ways of running the ball and rushing offense, taking advantage of play action off of it, you know, disciplined, sound defense, same thing disciplined, sound fundamentals in the kicking game. So, all of the things you're used to seeing from his teams.

Q-I got another one of those way back machine questions. When you were in Manhattan, do you remember that first victory over Oklahoma as being kind of a watershed moment for your program then?

A-Well, it was one of them. It was one of the steps we felt that we were--you know, it's kind of like we took another step. I don't know that it [was the turning point or step]. Yeah, that's probably the fair way of saying it that we were getting over the hump and then getting not just over the hump but getting on the top side of it. You know, so we felt that way definitely, probably back then.

Q-Just wondering, do you get a sense of deja vu watching Tyler Lockett play, and what kind of challenges does he pose in the kicking game?

A-Just great speed and ability to make people miss him and you know, that's what I was saying earlier. They do a great job fundamentally and gaining him some space in how they're blocking people and those kinds of things. He's made a lot of big plays for them.

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