Injury Report: Oct. 25

NORMAN, Okla. — There have been conflicting reports throughout the day on the Sooners' injury situation heading into this weekend's road game at Kansas State, and Sooners Illustrated has the latest on those.

The two players in question are middle linebacker Tom Wort and boundary cornerback Jamell Fleming.

Head coach Bob Stoops was indicated during his press conference that he was confident Wort would play when the Sooners get to Manhattan.

"I believe so, yes, as long as something unusual doesn't happen through practice," Stoops said.

As for Fleming, he wasn't quite as confident yet remained positive about it.

"There's still hope," Stoops said. "We'll know by more towards the end of the week if Jamell can be back. He's looked really good, so we'll see. It's obviously a big plus if he can get back."

Then, KWTV's Dean Blevins reported the two would not play, according to a source, but later retracted his comments and said there was miscommunication.

Sooners Illustrated has learned Stoops' comments from earlier in the day are accurate, and there's reason to believe Wort will play and Fleming could.

Center Ben Habern still has more progress to make, however, and won't see any action.

Outside of that, the news is good.

"Well again, I believe we'll have more guys back healthy," Stoops said. "Ben Habern, for sure, isn't ready to go, but the rest of the guys I believe will go and, you know, I don't want to say [all of them]. Jamell has a chance to go and if I feel more optimistic later in the week, I'll say that."

That means most notably running back Dominique Whaley, who had the flu, should be a go.

Stay tuned throughout the rest of the week for updates on the injury situation and other matters dealing with the team.

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