OU Hasn't Busted Yet in Title or Bust Season

NORMAN, Okla. — The minute OU finished taking care of business in Manhattan last weekend, all eye balls on the team, whether they openly admit it or not, shifted to a pair of important games.

One was in Atlanta, Ga., the other in Los Angeles, Calif.

Clemson squared off with Georgia Tech on the East Coast, while Stanford laced up the cleats against Southern Cal on the West Coast.

Both Clemson and Stanford sat ahead of the Sooners in the BCS Standings at the time because of OU's 41-38 loss to Texas Tech.

And that night, OU almost got more help than it ever could have hoped for.

Clemson fell behind big early and eventually lost to the Yellow Jackets, while the Stanford Cardinal found itself in a big time battle at the Coliseum.

As history tells, they ultimately came back to win 56-48 in triple overtime behind some late heroics from Heisman hopeful quarterback Andrew Luck, but the point was made.

This thing's not over yet, the thing being OU's journey tagged by the token phrase "The Chase for Eight" in a season head coach Bob Stoops and the Sooners dubbed as a "National Championship or Bust" year.

The Sooners got some much needed help with the Clemson loss, which allowed them to vault from No. 9 to 6 in one week.

And they likely have a chance to move some more this weekend with LSU and Alabama squaring off and their own contest against Texas A&M on the gridiron.

"I mean, absolutely [there's still hope]," said middle linebacker Tom Wort. "We got four more games left. We got to win out and if we do that, then we're gonna put ourselves in a good position."

See, that's just it.

The Sooners have four opportunities to go out there and get the job done and each one is equally important.

"I mean, you just got to worry about what you got to take care of, and when it comes down to that, you got to take it game by game," said left guard Gabe Ikard. "We have no control over what happens to the other teams, what happens in the polls. You just got to, I mean, if you execute and take care of your business, then you know, it's just kind of a see what happens at the end. But right now, we're just focused on playing Texas A&M and we really don't have control over anything but your preparation for this week's game. So, that's basically where we're at."

Defensive back Tony Jefferson said the same thing but with different words.

"We already figured out we shouldn't be focusing on the BCS," Jefferson said. "So, we went out and played good football against K-State, especially in the second half. But we're not really worried about the BCS right now. We're just trying to win out and play better."

Obviously, the opportunity's there, but only if the Sooners do their part.

And that means no more trip ups against Texas A&M or Baylor or Iowa State or Oklahoma State.

The Sooners must win their remaining four contests, and then they have to have some more help in the form of a Stanford loss.

But at least the opportunity's there.

"We know a lot of things can happen, so the best way for us to put us in the best position is to win each game from here on out," Wort said.

And so starts the journey or it continues with adversity, whichever way you look at it.

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