Big 12 Teleconference: Bob Stoops Transcribed

Stoops got on the conference call Monday morning during OU's idle week, and Sooners Illustrated brings you the discussion.

Q-Bob, obviously Ryan's [Broyles] about as irreplaceable as guys get, but how do you kind try to start to move on without him?

A-Well, the players--you're not able to change everything that you're doing, you know, with three games left in the year, so other guys just have to step up and make plays and try to make the plays that he's used to making. So, just like when we practice all week, there's other players that get in there for Ryan, and they're just going to have to play.

Q-Is Ryan a bigger loss off the field or on the field?

A-Both. He's just such a spark in everything that he does in both places. But again, our team will respond, I believe. We have to.

Q-After the game, emotionally was that one of the few times or a time when you had a big victory, the team plays pretty well, but obviously the loss of Ryan [overweighs that]?

A-Well, sure. Really the whole team felt it. You know, in the locker room everybody was just more quiet than usual because it was on all of our minds. So, it definitely took a lot away from it.

Q-Coach, you've had in this year and year's past where you'll put up 21, 24 and 28 points in a row on an opponent. And I guess what [I'm asking is] what does it take for an offense to get into that sort of rhythm where it's able to consistently put up points and runs like that?

A-I think it's more of the team playing together because in a couple of those instances, you know, in that run in the third quarter in the last couple of games, the defense has come up with three and outs and given the ball back in good field position or come up one play and a turnover and you got the ball right back. Then, the offense strikes right back. So, I think in my eyes it's more the team really complementing one another offensively and defensively. And then offensively it gets down to execution. It's maybe overused by coaches, but it's the truth. You know, it's being precise in how you run your plays and throwing the ball, catching the ball, protecting the quarterback, executing the run game, you know blocking the right guys. That's a big part of it, execution.

Q-Bob, that first half was a struggle, really for both teams. How did you feel at halftime coming out at the second half?

A-Just that that it was a good game being played. We understood they're a good, quality football team. So, we knew that they would have their share of plays. We got to make ours. We got to make more here in the second half. You know, be ready for that. And then we talked through some of the adjustments and some of the plays we want to get to on offense and to be prepared for this, that and the other. This is what we plan to do here in the second half. Here are some of the plays we're going to use. So, let's be ready to execute them.

Q-Coach, I wondered if we could just get your thoughts on Missouri officially making their announcement yesterday to leave the conference and go to the SEC, just your thoughts on that and what it means for the league?

A-Best of luck and we've got two good teams right now and maybe more that are on their way in. So, we'll keep playing ball here, too.

Q-Where do you come down on 10 teams, 12 teams? I know there's been a lot of discussion about going back to a championship game. You've kind of moved back and forth on the use of that game. Where are you right now on that?

A-Where I'm at really doesn't matter. So, I don't know. At the end of the day, if it's 10 that'd be fine, no problem. You know, everyone else has operated that way for 100 years up until now. Not everybody, but other leagues have. But if they want to add more, that's great, too. So, I think either way we should be fine.

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