Injury Report: Nov. 8

NORMAN, Okla. — The Sooners obviously suffered the biggest blow of the season on the injury front the other night when star slot receiver Ryan Broyles tore his ACL.

But there is other news on that topic.

Mike linebacker Tom Wort is nursing a sprained ankle, head coach Bob Stoops announced during his Tuesday press conference, and his status for next week is uncertain.

"We'll see," Stoops said. "You know, it's a little too early to [know]. I don't think he'll do much this week, but we're optimistic then that he'll be able to do more stuff through next week."

One that's went under the radar but has come to the surface given the situation with Austin Haywood leaving the team is tight end Max Stevenson's injury.

"No, you guys didn't know? He had an injury," Stoops said. "He had a pec muscle that's been repaired. So, he's been--Max Stevenson hasn't been practicing here for a few weeks. You guys missed that one, huh? Anyway, but he'll be fine."

Stevenson is redshirting, but with Haywood leaving and James Hanna and Trent Ratterree graduating after the year, he'll have a chance to compete for the job in 2012.

And defensive back Tony Jefferson, who played limited snaps against Texas A&M, should be good to go next week.

"He's set to practice and no situation at all," Stoops said. "Yeah, it was unusual [that he didn't play much] but just some of the practice issues. He was a little nicked up last week and then some of their formations, too. You know, if you remember, they played a lot more tight ends and fullbacks and things like that that fit Joseph [Ibiloye] a little bit, too. So, a little bit was that."

Also, center Ben Habern came back off his broken wrist last weekend, but he didn't start at the center position.

That could change in the next contest.

"Probably after last week," Stoops said. "Again, we've got two weeks or a week and a half here to make sure we're comfortable with that. But that's a decent possibility, and he, like I said, it was really great to see him come out after so many weeks off, to come out and really play well."

As for Broyles, Stoops, who again reiterated how unfortunate it is, said the rehabilitation plan is the same as it was the other night.

"You know, the plan right now is what we thought, he'll let the swelling go away, try and build up his leg, strengthen his leg before the surgery," Stoops said. "So, they're looking at right around three weeks until they do the surgery."

There's some good news, though, if there can be any in this event.

"It appears to just be a clean [tear], no other parts of his knee were damaged, just the anterior cruciate ligament," Stoops said.

And that's the latest on the injury front for now.

Stay tuned if and when more news comes available.

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