Harlow: "It Was Just a Good Experience"

Tight end Laith Harlow, the Sooners' fifth commitment for the 2012 class, took his official visit over the weekend, and according to the 6-foot-5, 240-pounder from Tallahassee, Fla., it couldn't have gone much better.

"Oh, it was great," Harlow said. "Really though, I saw everything the first time I went up. But this time when I went up, I wanted to see what the life was like when you're at a game, and when we were there it was great, man."

He mentioned the game atmosphere as being very impressive.

"Everybody was fired up, and that's what I love to see," Harlow said. "I mean, all of the new players, I got to hang out with the players a lot more. It was just a good experience."

Some of those guys included fellow commits Durron Neal and Daniel Brooks, as well as JUCO safety prospect Gerald Bowman from Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Harlow also said he got to spend some time with some current guys on the team, including tight end Max Stevenson and defensive end Nathan Hughes, both freshmen from last year's class.

And obviously Harlow had the opportunity to visit with his future position coach, Bruce Kittle.

"Of course, I talked to him," Harlow said. "I mean, he's the best coach I've ever been around. He reminds me of my high school coach, and I like that a lot. It's more like a fatherly figure relationship between us. That's great."

In fact, he cited Kittle as being one of the main reasons he chose the Crimson and Cream back in May.

"Actually the main thing was Coach Kittle and how good of a coach I saw that he was and how good the program at OU really is," Harlow said. "Secondly, was I'm going to school for journalism and they have the best school, known for the best journalism school."

Something else that's always very important for a player when deciding where to attend college is comfortability.

And that's been no different for Harlow, as he feels OU will provide that home like feel.

"Just the fact that the next four years of my life I'm going to feel like, if I went anywhere, I'm going to feel really comfortable where I'm at and I'm gonna play even harder than I do here because I feel like I'm at home versus I don't have to worry about anything," Harlow said.

Overall, it seems the official visit just really couldn't have gone better.

"Man, it's so hard to really tell you [my favorite part]," Harlow said. "I mean, just getting back with all the players, you know, I already feel comfortable hanging out with them again and meeting with them players and meeting the guys who I'm going to be with next year, seeing how it really is up there. So, all of it was just great because the game was perfect, I mean, everything."

As for what's taking place on the field, his Amos P. Godby squad is having a solid year at 8-1, but they just lost their first contest the other night.

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