NCAA Slams OU Hoops With 3 Years' Probation

NORMAN, Okla. — The OU men's basketball program has been put on a three-year probation and fined $15,000 by the NCAA for major violations involving the former coaching staff.

In addition to that, the Division I infractions committee vacated all 13 Sooner wins from 2009-10, as well as eliminating a scholarship and limiting recruiting efforts.

However, with these infractions taking place while OU was already on probation for events that had taken place during previous coach Kelvin Sampson's time, the punishment could have been much worse.

The Sooners could have been labeled as a "repeat violator," which might have dropped the sport for a season or two without scholarships for two years, but the NCAA ruled it was "an isolated incident involving a single member of the coaching staff," as OU proposed in its self-imposed sanctions.

This incident involved former assistant coach Oronde Taliaferro (under head coach Jeff Capel) failing to report that a player, Tiny Gallon, had received an impermissible benefit and by lying to investigators about $3,000 being wired from a Florida financial adviser to Gallon.

OU issued this statement today about the resolution of the recent investigation into its basketball program:

"University of Oklahoma officials fully understand that however rules violations may occur, the NCAA requires institutional accountability.  As such, even in cases like this - where the violation is isolated to the actions of one former student-athlete and the failure of a former assistant basketball coach to disclose his knowledge of the violation - the NCAA imposes penalties upon the institution in addition to the individuals.  In recognition of this institutional landscape, the university previously self-imposed penalties in this case and now accepts the decision by the Committee on Infractions.


"Importantly, this case did not involve any inappropriate action by the university or its staff, other than the cited assistant coach.  The case did not constitute lack of institutional control or failure to monitor.  The University of Oklahoma has had and continues to have personnel and systems in place to promote and support an atmosphere of NCAA rules compliance within our institution.


"The University of Oklahoma fully cooperated with the NCAA in the investigation of this case.  This matter was submitted to the Committee on Infractions through the Summary Disposition Process in which both the NCAA staff and the institution agree on all findings.  The University of Oklahoma will implement the Committee's final determinations and appreciates the NCAA's assistance in bringing this matter to a close."  

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