Midweek Notebook: Nov. 14-20

NORMAN, Okla. — There has been some interesting discussion so far this week, and Sooners Illustrated points the major stuff out right here.

Head coach Bob Stoops was asked Tuesday whether or not he liked the 7 p.m. games, and he came back with a very sarcastic response.

"They're beautiful," Stoops said before going on. "Hey, whenever they tell us we've gotta play, we gotta be excited to play it."


Expect running back Roy Finch to continue getting the bulk of the carries.

Still, Stoops said running backs Brennan Clay and Brandon Williams better be ready to go as well.

"Again, I think it's always fair to say how somebody's playing, how hot or cold somebody is and taking care of the football, but those other guys will need to play some, too," Stoops said.


The Sooners will miss receiver Ryan Broyles in the slot, so who will run there? Kenny Stills? Or someone else?

Stoops also had his answer to that, which doesn't spark too much of a surprise.

"Probably, why tip our hand? We'll have a number of guys in there," Stoops said.


The Penn State incidents have sent shockwaves around the country.

Tuesday, they hit Norman in front of the media, where Stoops gave his thoughts on them.

"Well, you know, again, I guess I think it just always regardless of circumstances, children should be protected at all costs, you know, by adults," Stoops said. "And I'm not accusing because a lot of this hasn't been confirmed or hasn't been yeah, convicted or prosecuted or whatever. So, you know, I would just say if any of it is true, it's absolutely horrific, and if anyone could have done anything about it--again I say if--if someone could have done something about it and knew, then it is also horrific.

"So, you know, and my initial thoughts, in my focus and what I think about it is always centered on the children first. And so again, how this unfolds, we'll see. But, you know, to me that's where everybody, if any of it is true, it should be to them."


Might OU and TCU be new conference best friends after the Horned Frogs took care of BCS Title contender Boise State last week?

Well, the Horned Frogs, who are set to join the Big 12 next year, certainly did their part in making that a possibility.

"Absolutely, you know, they're closer here and I've become--I've been friends with Gary [Patterson] for quite awhile, become good friends with Chris [Petersen]," Stoops said. "So, not that I was rooting for any particular guy, but in the end, sure TCU's joining the conference and coming off a Rose Bowl win. I think it says a lot."


Speaking of the TCU-Boise State, there were some other good games last weekend.

You can bet Stoops was paying attention to those.

"Oh, just watched games like most everybody and cooked out and fell asleep on the couch at night like most of you guys probably did...I flick through as many as I can, try and keep up with the ones that are kind of good and competitive back and forth," Stoops said.

That would have been Kansas State-Texas A&M and Oregon-Stanford, if anyone was wondering.


And oh, that DeMarco Murray.

How he continues to impress down in Dallas.

"Yeah, it couldn't happen to a better guy and we're all excited for him," Stoops said. "And we thought all along he'd be a great pro. He's tough, he's physical, he catches, he blocks. He does everything, and he does it well. You know, and he has a competitor's heart and he's a true, unselfish teammate, so he's just what you want as a professional back."

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