RECRUITING: Houston OL up to 12 offers

Houston, Texas OL Tyrone Byrd talks about his 12 offers and his summer plans in Oklahoma


JH: Have you decided what camps you are going to attend this summer?

TB: "My list is still up in the air, but the camp that I am going to for sure is Oklahoma State, and I hope to make the Miami camp as well. I am not sure what dates I will use at this time. I plan on going to OU for a day as well."

JH: How many offers do you have at this time?

TB: "I have 10 to 12 offers right now.I have offers from Oklahoma State, LSU, Oklahoma, UCLA, Texas Tech, Iowa, Pittsburgh, and there are several more."

JH: Do you have a leader at this time?

TB: "I am pretty much open with those 12 right now. I know this summer I am going to research as many schools as I can and I am going to try to visit as many schools as possible."

JH: How do you hope to take advantage of the camps you attend?

TB: "I want to go to the camp to get a chance to work with the coaches and maybe meet as many players as I can. I also will get a day to workout with some players who are similar to my talents so that I can get a gauge of what I am trying to do. Plus, I hope to pick up some pointers on technique and on how to better prepare for next season. I would love to learn how to workout better and I want to have fun."

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