Conference Title Storm

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooner head coach Bob Stoops has a message for the Big 12 Conference office this week: Should the Sooners be victorious Saturday in Stillwater, they should be considered the outright conference champion even in midst of a potential three-way tie.

The office has suggested otherwise when Bob Burda, Big 12 associate commissioner for communications, sent out an email Monday stating each of the three teams will be considered tri-champions and receive a trophy should it happen.

"Yeah, I don't get that," Stoops said. "But they do what they want. Did you ask them what happened to their whole promotion of the one true champion? You should have. I mean, that's all I heard for two days on the whole Big 12 coaches media circuit down there."

The three teams, of course, are OU, Oklahoma State and Kansas State.

If OU, a minor underdog for Bedlam, should upset the Cowboys and Kansas State defeats Iowa State, the teams will all have 7-2 conference mark.

But OU will have beaten each of those two, guaranteeing the automatic bid to the BCS.

Stoops also believes that should guarantee just one trophy, which should sit inside the Switzer Center at OU.

"I was at Big 12 Media Day, and you were probably, too," Stoops said. "And all the entire theme of the two days was that we got one true champion since everybody's playing each other, so that's how I've always looked at it. And it's not like we haven't played each other.

"So, in our eyes there will be one and so that's just how I see it. Again, I don't know any other way to look at it. If you're all going to play each other, it pretty well sets up that way."

He has a point.

The Sooners walloped Kansas State in Manhattan 58-17, and if they should take care of business this weekend, they'll have beaten both teams on the road.

Giving a trophy to those two other teams would seem to devalue that, even though OU lost a pair of games as well.

"I kind of took offense to it because we've won seven of them [Big 12 Titles]," Stoops said. "I thought they were all true ones. So, I thought they were changing it that this was going to be the one true one, and I guess they reneged on that, so I don't know. That doesn't make much sense to me, but let them explain it."

The best explanation is that each team has an equal number of wins and losses.

But it won't be ONE true champion. It'll be three.

Of course, that's all a moot point if the Cowboys defeat the Sooners this weekend.

Then, the debate will be should the Cowboys get the nod to the BCS National Championship as the Big 12 Champion.

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