Interview with Rhett Bomar

A transcript of James Hale's interview on Friday with Grand Prairie, Texas Quarterback Rhett Bomar and his father Jerry on WKY

JH: "Rhett, we know you're a heck of a baseball player. How do you handle your baseball career in the summer. Are you playing games constantly?"

BOMAR: "I play on a select team and we do play about 30 games in the summer, but mostly on weekends."

JH: How about the throwing. Does it mess you up to switch from throwing a football to baseball, because I know you get together and work out seven-on-seven with your receivers?"

BOMAR: "Yeah, I call the seven-on seven-workouts, usually each Monday. The throwing motion is different, but our baseball team doesn't really work out that much, we just show up and play."

JH: "Are you still planning on not attending any camps this summer?"

BOMAR: "No, not this year, but I would like to go to the Elite Eleven camp."

JH: "Will you be taking some visits this summer, checking out some schools?"

BOMAR: "Yes, I'll do some unofficial visits this summer, but nothing too rushed or formal."

JH: "Rhett, how hard do you look at the rosters at schools like OU, Texas, FSU and Tennessee? I mean you have to know that Vincent Young is at Texas, he was the top quarterback in Texas a couple of years ago, you know Brent Rawls is at Oklahoma and you know that he was very highly ranked at Shreveport Evangel. But unlike other positions, there's only one quarterback that can play."

BOMAR: "Yeah, you have to know what's out there and who's where. I'm confidant in my abilities, but you do look at things like that."

JH: "How much do you pay attention to the quarterback's from Texas? Haven't you seen most of them over the past couple of years in camps and in competition?"

BOMAR: "Oh sure. I've seen most of them at camps in the past few years."

JH: "How about Paul Thompson at Oklahoma?"

BOMAR: "I went to one camp with him, but he didn't play quarterback, I believe he was at receiver that week."

JH: "Back to the Elite eleven camp. That's really a huge deal, are you excited?"

BOMAR: "Yes, I need to redeem myself after an average showing at the camp held at Texas A&M.

JH: "I know you think you had a rough camp down there, but the people that run that camp told me that you were easily in the top two or three there and that you had a terrific arm."

BOMAR: "I did OK. I just didn't feel well that week. And I should have done better. I expect to be number one with no excuse every time I compete."

JH: "I know you'll do well at the Elite Eleven. Good luck there and why don't you pass the phone over to your dad and we have a minute or two with him."

BOMAR: "OK, hold on, good to talk with you."

Jerry Bomar

JH: "Hi coach. Reading the Dallas Morning News I see all kinds of rumors and stories about where you'll be coaching this year. Are you staying at Grand Prairie?"

JB: (laughing) "Yeah, I'm staying at Grand Prairie. Another job just came open, and that happened to be my home town. I had quite a few old friends asking me and I interviewed out of courtesy."

JH: "What are your feelings on sending kids to various camps this year?"

JERRY BOMAR: "It depends on the individual and their situation. We have a few kids that need to get some exposure, for example, I have one offensive lineman that's good enough to play D1, but he needs a few people looking at him. Obviously Rhett doesn't need any more publicity, so he won't go to any this year."

JH: "I know he'll get a chance at the Elite Eleven."

JERRY BOMAR: "We hope so. That hasn't been announced yet, but sure, we'd go to that one just to compete and hang out with some of the other top players in the country."

JH: "I wouldn't worry about an invitation. The people that run that have already told me that an invitation is in the mail. Jerry, I asked Rhett if you look at quarterbacks on rosters at prospective schools. How much do you know about any given quarterback out there?"

JERRY BOMAR: "We try to know everything there is to know. We know his size, style and what he eats for breakfast."

JH: "How familiar are you with OU and Texas QB's?"

JERRY BOMAR: "At all the schools we're looking at we try to get real familiar with the quarterbacks on the roster. Like you say — only one quarterback can play, so it's really important to have knowledge of who's out there. But sure, we know about the quarterbacks at the schools we're serious about."

JH: "So you'll be taking a few trips to campuses this summer?"

JERRY BOMAR: "There's a few we may want to look at out of curiosity, but there's no pressure. We can always take visits this fall."

JH: "Have a great summer and tell Rhett to hit some home runs so we'll have something to talk about in a few weeks."

JERRY BOMAR: "Well — that would be pretty exciting; I'll see what we can do."

JH: "Thanks coach, talk to you in few weeks."

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