Bomar talks about Texas trip

The battle for one of the nations' top quarterbacks is heating up between OU and Texas. Coveted Grand Prairie, Texas QB Rhett Bomar talks about his impromptu trip to Texas' for their one-day summer camp Sunday in Austin


JH: Rhett, you told on Friday that you didn't think you were going attend any summer camps, so talk about your decision to attend the Texas camp this weekend.

RB: "I went down to the Texas mini-camp, but I only went to half of it. They had a bunch of their committed players at the camp, and a bunch of the receivers that have already committed to Texas called me to ask if I would come and throw to them at the camp. So, I decided what the heck — I would go down there and see what those receivers looked like."

JH: What did you think of the Texas receivers who have committed to Texas?

RB: "They were good and that was to be expected. To be honest there were a bunch of good receivers at the camp and many of them weren't committed to Texas or weren't going to get the opportunity to go to Texas. Not all the Texas committed receivers were there. It was just Jordan Shipley and Nathan Jones, and I was mostly was getting hooked up with them on the pass routes. I threw to them more than any other receivers. Again, I didn't have anything else to do so I just thought I would go down and throw the ball around a little bit."

JH: How well did you throw the ball and how did your arm feel?

RB: "I threw the ball fine. My arm feels good, because it was the first time I picked up a football in a couple of weeks. My arm is in very good shape right now."

JH: You said last Friday that if you went to the Texas camp that you would go to the OU camp as well, so do you still expect to do that?

RB: "Yes, I will go up to OU for a day or so in the near future. I don't know if it will be at their camp or just go up for a day for an unofficial visit. This weekend at Texas was basically my one-day unofficial visit there, and like I said, I will do the same thing at Oklahoma, but I don't know when yet."

JH: Did your one-day camp at Texas this weekend change your thinking in recruiting at this time?

RB: "No, the visit didn't do anything to influence my decision. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time at Texas, but these visits are not going to be the kind of visits that force me to make my decision in the next couple of days. do learn something from them, and I do ask questions of the assistants and players that I run into that maybe I don't know the answers to at the time. I think it was good that I had a chance to throw to those receivers who already committed to them, but I know that OU and the all the colleges really are going to sign good receivers, or that they already have good receivers on campus. So, I had a good time at Texas and it was fun, but it wasn't anything that will determine today where I am going to school."

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