McGee's Bond to Sooner Nation Grows Tighter

For Sooner offensive guard commit John Michael McGee, it was a unique weekend.

Yes, he's been a commit since mid-June.

And yes, he's spoken with many of the other members of the 2012 class.

But this weekend was an opportunity to meet many of them in person for the first time.

"It went well," McGee said. "I mean, I got to meet some new guys, to see the commits there and intermingle with them outside of just Facebook and Twitter and text messaging. So, it was kind of fun to hang out with the guys, hang out with the Oklahoma players, get to meet all of them and the coaches and to actually go to their banquet. So, it was a [good experience]."

McGee, who was OU's ninth commitment and is listed as the eighth-best offensive guard in the country, named some of the guys he spent the most time with.

"Everybody who was there I talked to, pretty much," McGee said. "I was with Kyle Marrs the entire time. I talked to Alex Ross the other night and Ty Darlington. I talked to pretty much all of them, but a few of them I didn't get to communicate with."

He said that, although he's spoke with the players both committed for 2012 and currently on the team, attending the banquet Saturday was the first time he truly felt a part of the team.

"Oh yeah, I mean, it was kind of--you kind of felt [more involved with] the teammates instead of coming up there earlier in the year and meeting them and they're kind of a team and you're just a commit looking around," McGee said.

On this trip, he also got a chance to meet again with centers/offensive guards coach James Patton, who recruited him.

McGee continues to have a really positive impression of him.

"I think he's a good coach...I love the way he coaches and he won't beat around the bush with you," McGee said. "He's straight forward. We actually got to sit in on a film session with the offensive line, got to hear him talk to his guys, kind of get to know him like a real coach besides him coming down to your high school and just talking, seeing how well [you fit]. But he's a nice coach, and I look forward to the [opportunity]."

The 6-foot-3, 270-pounder from Texas HS in Texarkana, Texas, is part of an incoming offensive lineman class that also includes Darlington, the No. 2 center in the country, and Marrs, ranked 37th at his position.

Those three figure to add great future depth to what will be a very experienced offensive line next season.

That's something, too, that will serve to pull them along.

"I mean, I'll work regardless," McGee said. "But being around those guys, I mean, we all want to win. We'll work together, like Coach and them said, come in and try to be better and push yourself to be better and every time you're we practice on something, I try to get it down.

"So, I'm looking forward to being up there with them. But, I mean, if I was going somewhere else, I'm still going to work hard. So, it really doesn't matter about that. It kinda does, but I don't know."

What he does know is he now officially feels like part of Sooner Nation, even more so than before.

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