Jones Won't Decide Future Until After Bowl

NORMAN, Okla. — Every December the question arises on whether players will go pro or return for another season.

This time around, quarterback Landry Jones is one of those guys with a decision in his near future.

But the 6-foot-4, 229-pound signal caller said Tuesday evening he won't ponder that one until after the season.

"I haven't really thought about it much," Jones said. "You know, I'm still kind of in my season and after that I'll have plenty of time to kind of make that decision."

Jones is projected by most to be the fourth, perhaps fifth quarterback selected in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Guys like Matt Barkley, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are all expected to go in front of him, suggesting it might suit him better to return to the University of Oklahoma for his redshirt senior season.

So, that has to be a deciding factor, but Jones said it won't be the ultimate factor.

"I don't think you can make a decision on whether like your class is deep or if it's not," Jones said. "I think you just have to make the right decision for you. You know, for me it might be to go. For me, it might be to stay. I haven't really thought about it too much, but I think as far as just class, in every draft there's going to be guys that are gonna be quarterbacks. There's gonna be guys who can run, guys who can catch, so I think just you have to make the right decision for you."

Weeks ago, he was excelling by slinging the ball to star slot receiver Ryan Broyles, but then Broyles suffered a torn ACL and he lost his safety net.

Since then, he's thrown just one touchdown pass--that was to Kenny Stills later in the quarter Broyles got hurt--and no touchdowns in the final three games of the regular season.

That's left many questioning his decision making and Jones' other attributes necessary for the next level.

"You know, it was obviously a tough year," Jones said. "You know, we had a lot of expectations, and I had a lot of expectations on myself. I wouldn't say this year was kind of a letdown or anything like that because we still played a lot of good football and obviously I got a lot better at a couple things here and there. I mean, as far as just evaluating the year, I haven't really gone back and looked at a lot of stuff.

"Usually at the end of the year, you'll sit down with Coach Hype [Heupel] after the bowl game, after everything and just kind of talk about what we thought we could have done better or what we did do good and kind of progress in that area."

Will that progress sway him towards staying or leaving?

That remains to be seen.

But Jones, who said he's sent in his paperwork for an evaluation, said he'll use all his resources.

That includes Heupel and head coach Bob Stoops, as well as his family and the one above.

"It just has to be the right decision for me and my family," Jones said. "I just have to pray about it and really think about what I want to do.

And he'll evaluate all the factors, not just where he's projected to land.

"I think that's just one part of it, Jones said. "You know, I think there's a lot of different factors, what you want to do and do you want to be back, come back and be a senior or if you want to go and pursue your dream in the NFL? So, I think there's a lot of different factors that come into play...I haven't like really sat down and like really, really thought about what are my factors about going and staying.

"You know, so I mean I think when the time for me to think about it and really know and just kind of pray about it and I'll have a feeling and kind of know if I want to stay or if I want to go."

Until then, Sooner fans will anxiously await that decision of whether they'll have their captain for one more year or need to be led by a new starting quarterback.

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