RECRUITING: Flordia DT has OU in top five

Deerfield Beach, Fla. defensive tackle Emmanuel Dunbar has 27 offers and one tie to Oklahoma


Dunbar is one of those defensive tackles that is blessed with such quickness that he is literally almost impossible to stop. Heading into his senior year Dunbar is a three-year starter who collected close to 80 tackles and 16 tackles on the season. Those totals, and his outstanding athletic ability make Dunbar one of the top defensive tackles in the country.

"I can come off the ball real fast and real low, and that always seems to give me the advantage over my opponents," said Dunbar. "My pass rushing skills come from technique and speed and I am always trying to get better as a pass rusher."

Dunbar can bench 275 pounds, squats 460 and he has an incredible 35-inch vertical jump. He has also started in hoops (16 ppg) since his freshman year and he throws the shot (48'7) and the discus (132) in track. Dunbar has already been busy on the recruiting front as he has racked up 27 offers at this point.

"At least every school in Florida has offered me," said Dunbar. "I also like Georgia and Boston College. Oklahoma is also a school that I want to take a close look at. I really like their coaching staff and they have had a lot of players from this area play for them. Stockar McDougle played for them and went to school here. He still comes around our school a lot."

"I was in 10th grade and played against Davin Joseph, who is starting for OU right now at offensive guard. He is a very good player. I would say that Florida State, Georgia, Boston College, Oklahoma and Ohio State are my top five teams. All of those teams have offered me and I hope to visit all five schools. I hope to go the last camp that Oklahoma has. I am still trying to workout the details, but I hope that I can attend that camp."

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