Lewis Owns Up to Decision of Avoiding Media

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Linebacker Travis Lewis has been all about avoiding the media for the entire second half of the season, but during Insight Bowl Media Day Wednesday afternoon, he came out and justified it.

It's not just been about avoiding the media simply to stay away.

Instead, it was more an issue of refocusing and getting serious down the stretch, getting his mind right.

"You know, somebody's telling me, ‘Hey, be the same in losses and wins,'" Lewis said. "And I think after our first loss against Tech, it really struck me, ‘Hey, let's just go to business, quit the talking, quit all the tweets and everything and just go out there and play.

"So, that's kinda the mindset I took into the rest of the season, and unfortunately everything didn't work out the way we wanted it to. But I think we just really needed to focus on playing and quit all the talking."

When dealing with the media, Lewis has always been the outspoken guy who isn't afraid to say anything or call someone out if need be.

In fact, following that devastating 41-38 loss to Tech, Lewis did just that to a few of the players.

Several guys missed the game due to injuries and Lewis sent out a message in post-game interviews when he said he'd been playing all season injured and some players on the team needed to fight through their injuries that night instead of sitting out.

Since then, though, he's basically went dormant.

That is, until now.

"I didn't want to make excuses for our wins, make excuses for our losses, make excuses for anything," Lewis said. "So, I just needed to go out there and practice, play and let everything take care of itself."

If he could have it back, though, Lewis admits he wouldn't have acted in the same manner by avoiding the media for so long.

"Yeah, I would have probably handled it a little differently," Lewis said. "But as everybody knows, I'm a real emotional person. You know, my team feeds off me and kind of follows. Our captains lead and everything, so maybe if I just quit the talking and everything like that, my team would just focus on playing and start winning ball games."

One thing's for sure: Lewis earned a lot of that captain respect back, not just from the team, but also from the media for owning up to his decisions Wednesday.

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