Jones on NFL: 'I've Gone Back and Forth'

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — It's decisions like Landry Jones is about to make after the Insight Bowl that make you toss and turn at night and lose sleep.

Will he stay and play his senior season or will he forego it and head to the National Football League?

While he's been quiet about what he might do and said he's really not focusing on it, Jones admitted Wednesday afternoon at the Insight Bowl Media Day that he is already having trouble with the decision.

Not to the point of losing sleep, but at least to the point of struggling because of the potential advantages on each side of it.

"Yeah, you know, I've gone back and forth so many times that, I mean, right now it's kind of like a no point to where I'm not even thinking about it anymore," Jones said.

But that time will soon come in just a couple days where it'll be the only thing on his mind.

And he'll likely take all the time until the deadline, Jones said.

"Probably. I mean, if not [I won't think it through enough]," Jones said. "Sorry guys. I've gone back and forth so many times that I just really need to sit down after the year's done and clear my head without any thoughts on Iowa or the next game coming up."

The Tulsa World reported last weekend that head coach Bob Stoops had a strong feeling Jones would return, but Stoops publicly denied that the other day and said it's truly a 50-50 decision at this point.

Whatever he decides when he decides it, Jones said he's enjoyed this year and the experiences that have come with it.

I think I'll be thankful for it," Jones said. "You know, I've learned a lot of things this year and got to play another year of football and got to spend another year with my teammates and got to see these seniors off. Whenever I look back at it, I know that we had a lot of expectations but also there's a lot more good times than bad for sure."

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