McNamara Finds His Home With Crimson & Cream

Commits always talk about programs being the most suitable spot for them, and that's just what it came down for OU's latest addition to the 2012 class, Westview High School tight end Taylor McNamara, who committed to the Sooners Wednesday evening.

"You know, it's a great school," McNamara said. "It was really just the best fit for me. You know, just from everything from winning--I want to be at a program that wins games. That's really what it came down to, and I want to play early and become an overall well-rounded tight end. And I think I can do all those things there."

A few weeks ago, OU's tight end situation looked desolate.

Trent Ratterree and James Hanna are set to graduate, Austin Haywood is transferring and Max Stevenson is no longer playing after his pectoral muscle surgery.

That meant zero returning scholarship tight ends, which forced OU to hit the trails to find one.

First, it was Fort Scott Community College's Brannon Green that pledged his commitment to the Sooners and signed just a week ago.

Now, it's McNamara who's given his verbal to OU three weeks to the day after Green did.

And the 6-foot-5, 235-pounder from San Diego, Calif., said the Sooner tight end situation and their lack thereof was a major factor in his decision.

"It definitely had a big impact, you know, especially because they were in late," McNamara said. "That was really an appealing thing with the thought of playing early. And I mean, they're gonna bring some--I think they want to bring like one more guy in. But I'm gonna go out there with the attitude of it's my job to win.

"So, I'm gonna do my best to win it, and I'm really a confident player. You know, I'm not cocky off the field, but I'm confident on it and I think I can win the job."

In fact, McNamara also envisions what the future will be like, showing impressive knowledge of the OU program.

"I've already talked to Brannon Green, and me and him are actually--I got to know him on my visit, which was cool," McNamara said. "I could see us a lot like Jermaine [Gresham] and Brody [Eldridge], really. Those two, because he's a really good in line blocker, and he can catch the ball, too. And that's kind of how Brody was, and then I'm hoping I can fill in the shoes of Gresham. That's my kind of idea."

The Sooners would warmly welcome that.

Another Eldridge and another Gresham, they'll take it.

Along with seeing how well he'll fit into the program, another deciding factor in McNamara's commitment was his relationship with tight ends/tackles coach Bruce Kittle.

"For him being the last coach in on my whole recruiting thing, he's been one of the best," McNamara said. "He's just a really, like you said, overall good guy. When you look at him, you think he's intense and I kinda thought he'd change a little on the practice field and then I got to go and watch a practice and he was a really mellow, laid back, super cool coach.

"And I really like that. You know, he just seems like an overall good guy and he seems real, too. He's not different from the field or off the field. He seems to be the same person, so I like that."

OU likes the fact its tight end situation just improved that much more with the latest snag off the recruiting trail.

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