RECRUITING: The Boss shows up in Norman

Junior WR Reggie Smith continues to impress while a coveted line recruit showed up wearing enemy colors on day two of Oklahoma's summer football camp

NORMAN, Okla. — The second day of the Sooner football camp was interrupted by rain, but that was fine with the campers as they had an opportunity to workout in the Sooners now indoor facility.The offensive and defensive campers were split up with one group working in indoors, while the others watched film and got a chance to ask football questions of the Sooner coaching staff.

The Sooner varsity was literally chased out of the indoor facility around 9:00 AM as defensive group of campers came over to the indoor. The varsity is now going through their seven-on-seven drills at 7:00 AM and right now they are throwing just on Tuesday's and Thursday's.That throwing is followed by weight work for many of the guys and then an explosive running session inside the indoor facility. The players then return in the afternoon and work on explosion drills to increase their quickness and speed.

So, many of the campers got a thrill as they had a chance to meet Sooner standouts Lance Mitchell, Jonathan Jackson, Lance Donley and Matt McCoy. Michael Thompson and Eric Bassey were also there to shake hands and shout words of encouragement. What was cool about the whole thing was that the varsity members were wishing the camp participants luck and shouting encouragement to them as the camp directors prepared the group for some running exercises.

Tuesday gave Run Game Coordinator and Offensive Line coach Kevin Wilson a chance to watch and work out offensive lineman Todd Haselhorst (6'5, 280, 5.0) of Olathe (East HS), Kansas, Gerard Spexarth (6'7, 295, 5.3) of Andale, Kansas and Tibbs Lee (6'6, 295, 5.1) of Oklahoma City (Douglas HS), Oklahoma. All three had good size and are certain to draw D-1 scholarship offers, but none of the three has yet to be offered by the Sooners.

However, despite all the size it is always the speed that really draws the Sooners coaches attention. Lucious Giles out of Mississippi is not a well-known prospect yet, but after watching him workout he will be soon. He came to camp with a 10.3 clocking in the 100-meters and he didn't disappoint with a 4.4 forty. Giles weighed in at 200 pounds and has a solid frame. OU isn't sure he is a great football player yet, but they know he is a great athlete. In fact, the coaches started projecting him maybe as a defensive end, because they felt that he would eventually carry 230 to 240 pounds on his frame.

Defensive back Anthony Germany of Putnam City did show as expected and he didn't disappoint. Germany demonstrated good speed and the ability to cover and certainly has put his name among the Sooner cornerback prospects. Germany was matched against Reggie Smith of Edmond Sante Fe in many of the drills, and the competition was so good that Bob Stoops should have sold admission.

The problem was the that Mike Stoops was throwing most of the passes, giving Smith little chance to make the catch, but when Coach Stoops got one close Smith showed he could catch and Germany showed that he could cover. In other words, both had their moments and both were impressive.

Smith is just now going into his junior year, but he is so talented that the OU coaches are thinking about offering him. The betting odds are that the Sooners will wait, but don't be surprised is Smith isn't the first to commit to the Sooners for the class of 2005.

During the evening practice session Matt Boss (6'4, 295, 5.1) of Cherryvale, Kansas arrived in Norman. Boss looked every bit of his advertised size and his dad wasn't small either.It is not clear if Boss is going to work out on Wednesday or not, but they certainly plan to look around the university and tour the facilities.The only problem with the Boss tandem was the fact both dad and son were wearing Kansas State hats.Of course, it is well-known that Boss is trying to decide between OU and Kansas State.

I guess if the Boss men start their drive home Wednesday night with Sooner hats on their head then OU has a real shot. And if they are still wearing Wildcat hats then Kansas State has to be the leader. Sometimes you have to resort to the mystic to cover recruiting and sometimes it is just a good old fashion guess.

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