RECRUITING: Revenge factor motivates McAdams

Leander, Texas offensive lineman talks about his verbal commitment to Oklahoma, his animosity towards Texas and summer plans in an exclusive interview.

NEW BRAUNFELS — Amidst the sun and fun of Schlitterbahn Waterpark, the hulking 6-foot-7, 285-pound frame of Randy McAdams stands out more than crimson and creme south of the Red River. On Monday, sat down with McAdams for a rare one-on-one interview during his visit to the theme park.

McAdams, who is employed at a Taco Bell restaurant in Cedar Park, Texas, was at Schlitterbahn for a company picnic hosted by Austaco Inc.

Last season, McAdams, who benches 305 and runs a 5.2, tallied 60 pancake blocks and graded out at 87 percent, while allowing just three sacks. He was also named first-team All-District 14-5A, All-Williamson County and received honorable mention All-Centex honors.

A devastating lead blocker with a reputation for creating huge running lanes, McAdams plays left tackle and ranks among the Lone Star state's top lineman in blocking technique. Randy, congratulations on your recent commitment to Oklahoma, how does it feel to be a future Sooner?

McAdams: "It's awesome. I can't wait to set foot on campus and win a few national championships." Excluding Oklahoma, what other schools have offered you?

McAdams: "Houston, Arizona and New Mexico." What other schools did you consider before choosing Oklahoma?

McAdams: "I liked Texas, but changed my mind, because some stuff happened. After that, I was like forget it, I'm not interested (in Texas). So, I started looking at Texas A&M and Iowa. I was thinking about Colorado, but it's too cold up there. I don't think I can get with that." What kind of "stuff" happened with Texas?

McAdams: "First of all, they gave a scholarship to Greg Dolan (6-7, 270, 5.0), a guy that plays in my district (at Round Rock Westwood H.S.). I'm better than him and everybody tells me that, but apparently Texas doesn't think so. I guess that's why they only sent me one letter. Since I live so close (to Austin), you'd think it would have been easy for them to at least talk to me, but they never tried. I guess they weren't interested." Growing up as a Longhorn fan, how disappointed are you that Texas never bothered to recruit you any further than the mailing of a generic recruiting letter?

McAdams: "I was kind of upset at first, but then it just made me mad, so I started talking to their rivals. Once OU offered me, I realized there's only one way to get back at Texas and that's to play for Oklahoma." In your opinion, what's the biggest difference between the football programs at Oklahoma and Texas?

McAdams: "OU finishes big games, Texas doesn't. When OU plays a good team, they don't choke like Texas does. I actually feel sorry for Texas, because they work hard just like every other team, but they just can't finish a game to save their lives against a really good team like Oklahoma. I guess they'll always be chokers." Paul Thompson, Oklahoma's talented sophomore quarterback, and you both attended Leander High School from 2000-2002. Did that relationship impact your decision to pick Oklahoma? If so, how much?

McAdams: "Yeah, it helped, because I trust Paul a lot. He's an honest, level-headed guy, so when he told he liked Oklahoma, I knew it must be a really good school. He likes his teammates and enjoys being around the coaches." What else did Paul tell you about Oklahoma?

McAdams: "He said it's a good place to be. He really likes the environment and the community. He said wherever you go, people are always there to say hi, shake your hand and talk football. I'm really looking forward to that." What's your take on Coach Stoops and his tenure at Oklahoma?

McAdams: "He's done a great job. I think he's a brilliant coach." In your discussions with Coach Stoops, what's he told you about your future at Oklahoma?

McAdams: "I haven't got that privilege yet, but I can't wait to meet him. I'm really excited about that opportunity." What's your opinion of Coach Wilson, Oklahoma's offensive line coach?

McAdams: "He's really straight forward. He's real nice and outgoing. He called and said he's definitely excited about me. That meant a lot. He told me he liked my footwork, but said I need to work on my strength. Coach Wright told me Coach Wilson was jumping around saying, ‘We've got to get him, we've got to get him,' once he saw my film." Have you ever visited the state of Oklahoma?

McAdams: "Yeah, I've been twice. The first time it was dark, so I didn't see a whole lot. Last time I went, we got lost and stopped to ask for directions. It was amazing to see how friendly the people were. I was really impressed." Have you ever been to Norman?

McAdams: "No, not yet, but I'll be there for the OU football camp (June 8-9). I can't wait to get there and see the campus." Speaking of the camp, what are your thoughts on attending it?

McAdams: "It'll be great, because I've been out of pads for about three weeks, so I'm really looking forward to getting back on the field and hitting again." What have you heard about Oklahoma's fans?

McAdams: "Paul said they get really fired up. When it comes game time, he said it doesn't matter whether its 100 degrees or 40 degrees, there will be screaming fans with their bodies and faces painted. He said OU's got the best fans in college football." Do you have a favorite Oklahoma football memory from last season?

McAdams: "Yeah, watching them beat Texas. That was great. I loved it. Last year's game really clinched (going to Oklahoma) for me." What prompted you to commit to Oklahoma so early?

McAdams: "One of the (Oklahoma) coaches told me they only had five offers for (offensive) lineman, but he said they already had two commitments (Cameron Schacht and J.D. Quinn). With only three slots left, I went ahead and committed, because I knew they were already talking to other lineman. I didn't want to risk losing my offer and not be able to attend Oklahoma." If Texas changed their mind and offered you a scholarship, would you consider it?

McAdams: "They can talk all they want, but I'm not interested. They had their chance and blew it. No school can pull me away from Oklahoma. I'm going to Norman." Since you live so close to Austin, how have people reacted to your decision to attend Oklahoma?

McAdams: "Some people call me a traitor, but they don't realize Texas didn't recruit me. I liked them and wanted to go there, but they wouldn't give me the time of day. What else was I supposed to do, besides commit to Oklahoma?" After committing, what schools suddenly started calling you?

McAdams: "Lots, but Vanderbilt, Duke, UCLA have been calling the most. Before I committed to Oklahoma, I was just this dude in Texas and now all the sudden everybody wants to talk to me." What are your greatest strengths on the football field?

McAdams: "My speed, agility and getting under people. I'm good at getting in position and beating my opponent to a spot." In what areas do you need the most improvement?

McAdams: "My strength isn't where it needs to be. Sometimes, I think I need to be more aggressive. I'm pretty aggressive, but sometimes I feel like I let up too soon, instead of finishing my blocks completely." Is there any particular football player you like to compare yourself to?

McAdams: "No, I don't think about that. I always try to go and do what I do. But if I do play like someone else, I don't mean to." What kind expectations do you have for your freshman year?

McAdams: "Nothing less than a national championship. Personally, I'd love to play as a freshman and I'm confident I can. I know those guys are going to be a lot stronger than I am, but I'll use my technique and work ethic to catch up. I can't wait to start tossing around those guys who bench 500 pounds." Would you redshirt if asked to do so?

McAdams: "I'll do whatever they want me to do, even if that means redshirting, because it'd give me an extra year to workout with the team and practice. I obviously wouldn't play any games, but at least I'd be that much better the following year." Academically, do you expect to be a full-qualifier?

McAdams: "Yeah, I do. I've got a 3.5 GPA (4.0 scale). I don't have an ACT score yet, but I plan to take it on June 7." Have you thought about what degree program you'll major in at Oklahoma?

McAdams: "Yes, education. I want to teach math and coach football. Since I love football so much, I figure why stop after playing. I want to teach the game to other kids. Hopefully, I'll be able to change someone's life like my coaches have done for me. I owe a lot to my coaches. If they hadn't rode me like they did during my freshman and sophomore years, I wouldn't be where I'm at today." What are your goals for college?

McAdams: "I definitely want to graduate and I want to stay out of trouble too. I've heard of a lot of guys that go to college and get in trouble by being in the wrong place at wrong time. That's not going to happen to me, because I've got too many other things I want to accomplish." What are your plans for this summer?

McAdams: "Run, workout and work. I try not to goof off too much and workout as much as I c Any words for's members?

McAdams: "I'm really excited about becoming a Sooner. Tell them, I can't wait to get to Norman and meet every single one of them."

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